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Worrying news at 12 week scan, anyone else had a good outcome after this?

hi all, i had my 12 week scan and was sent to another hospital which had better scans and the results were not good, they could only see 1 heart valve instead of the 2 they should see at this stage, there was fluid in the brain and the nt fold measured 3mm. They suggested a cvs test as a combination of all these things seemed like a cromossomal abnormality . I have to wait 1 week for the first result than 2 more weeks for the detailed result. At this stage i am expecting the worst.

my last pregnancy ended in a termination after the baby was not developing its brain and head bones and the scan confirmed she could not survive outside the womb. i was so scared to do ivf again and now this!

i am being stupid holding on to hope? Anyone else had good news after finding multiple worrying signs during the scan 😭


  • Hi hopeagain. How are you doing? I had a 12 week scan this week and was in no way prepared for the outcome, my baby has an enlarged bladder and the sonographer said the brain didn't look how it normally should at 12 weeks. I'm booked for a further scan next week with a consultant. I wondered how you've gotten on? 

  • Hi Angel2009, i am sorry your scan didnt go as expected i hope it is good news during your next scan. 

    unfortunately, for us it didnt turn up well. My baby girl was too ill and was born with angel wings at just over 16 weeks after a 7 hour labour. 

    I found other boards very helpful with a very supportive community, this one despite being viewed 100s of times i didnt get any words of comfort so it is probably aimed at mums with perfect pregnancies and happy endings. 

    Wish you the best from the bottom of my heart! Hope your little one gets well. X

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