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Took 3 pregnancy tests last week because I've been feeling well pregnant, they were all positive, I was super shocked as my tubes have been clamped for ten years I got them clamped when I was 21. Me and my husband were super excited and Happy but I woke up with cramping this morning and it got worse as the morning went on and then I started bleeding. I went to the ER and they said blood test was negative and there was nothing on the ultra sound .

He basically said I'm not pregnant but he didn't say I was having a miscarriage  either , he asked if this could just be my normal period , this is definitely not a normal period I'm in a lot of pain and bleeding a lot , sorry if tmi , I know I was pregnant and I'm just confused to how they could just tell me no you're not pregnant follow up with your PCP .  I took another pregnancy test and it has a faint positive , could the blood test have been wrong . sorry to ramble on I'm just feeling very sad and confused, did I lose a baby or not ?


  • Hi Clnnr,
    First, let me start by saying that I am really sorry for that and I empathize with you and your husband. Putting up together for ten years without a baby can really be frustrating. One thing I wanted to ask is whether you already have other children or not since you mentioned that your tubes were clamped ten years ago when you were 21. Second, I want to assure you that you were not pregnant. Pregnancy tests can be reliable if conducted at the right time. However, when they are not carried out at the right time, they can give misleading results as it is in your case. Now you also mentioned that you went to your RE who examined you and took blood tests and ultrasound that made him affirm that there was nothing. Well, this tells me that you were not pregnant and that your mind had just decided to believe that you were pregnant. I think the clots you saw at the start of your periods are just normal clots that happen when the hormone that breaks the uterine wall is not sufficient. When this happens, women will experience clots at the start of their periods. So there is no cause for alarm.

  • Hi clnnr, im sorry you are going through this. It's difficult to say exactly what happened prior to your pain and ER visit but what I can tell you is that the blood test is more sensitive than a urine test. So if the blood test came back saying you weren't pregnant but then  went home & still got another positive on your testa then I would be concerned that your tests were faulty. Do you have a picture of the tests? 

    Its impossible to say for sure whether you were initially pregnant or not but the ER tests confirm that you are not now. I would definitely recommend making an appointment with your doctor to have a look at things and try to put your mind at rest. 

  • Hello. Sorry for what you went through. I can imagine how excited you and your husband must have been. However, hpts aren't always that reliable. They can often be misleading. A blood test on the other hand is far more conclusive. So, I think that you weren't pregnant.

  • I'm really sorry to hear that! From what I can tell, your tests were faulty. One of them was. For sure. I hope you had arranged a meet with an expert, didn't you? If you had, can you please share what he/she said? Thinking of you!

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