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Am I miscarrying?

I discovered after my period was 8 days late that I was pregnant, did lots of tests and all positive! using a calculator it said I was roughly 5 weeks, which I know is very early.

however yesterday morning, 10 days late, I did a test, bfp. But then I had some brown spotting, which then turned into heavy, red, period like bleeding (tmi sorry). I've had mild abdominal pain but nothing half as bad as my usual period. So am I miscarrying? I went to make a doctors appointment, as I was going to anyway to get pregnancy confirmed, but now I think the circumstances have changed, and the earliest I can be seen is next Monday. I'm going crazy not knowing what is happening as this is the first time I have been pregnant.


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    first of all let me offer you some form of hope.... so just a week after my 12 week scan I was lying on the sofa... and felt sort of ' wet ' so I stood up to check and bright red blood gushed out of me... I went and sat on the toilet and it was still coming.. as u can imagine I was terrified and automatically assumed we had lost or were losing our baby... we rand the early pregnancy unit and they told us to go up... they checked me over said my cervix was still closed which is a good sign, and to stay in until the morning when they were able to do s scan... so in my head I'm thinking ' how can I loose this much blood and everything be ok ' but the next day... on the scan there was my little bean bobbing around heartbeat going strong... they said I have a low lying placenta and a fibroid which could be causing me to bleed, but they seen many woman daily who bleed through the whole pregnancy! so do Not worry!! Blood doesn't always mean something is wrong... be hopefull and trust that god is watchcing over you and your baby! Xxxx I hope everything is ok for you! Xxxx 

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