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Seen heartbeat 2 days ago Started bleeding

Hi girls I really need some help or someone I can talk to. I had a internal scan Sunday  (2 days ago) and there was a strong heartbeat at 5+6. So yesterday I started seeing very very light brown blood on TP when I wiped. This had went on to this morning I thought it could Of been from the internal scan, same amount as yesterday very faint. So I went for a nap earlier as I've been having what feels like period pains, I woke up and sat on the sofa and had period pains as if I was about to come on so I went to the toilet because I felt wet and had been bleeding a lot more this time, I've put a pantie liner on and it's looking brown on that and I'm still having period cramps on and off. do you guys think this is the start of miscarriage? Thanks x


  • Ohhh so sorry xx not necessarily brown blood is old blood red blood is fresh maybe they irritated you down there call the hospital to check xxx best of look xxxxxx

  • I'm currently going through the same, I went to ER Wednesday I was completely fine had no issues just had to have my bloods done to confirm pregnancy, bloods were positive! Yesterday I had 3 droplets of blood that was it. Just had period type cramps, very mild and a pulled muscle feeling in my groin but I haven't pulled a muscle if that makes sense. I've woke up today and went to the loo and there is a little more blood it's not heavy! I'm due back at the hospital tomorrow - on a Saturday- to have my bloods done again to check to see if hcg levels are rising, however they have said I have got to stay on the ward :-/ ... I'm so so scared that I have miscarried xx

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