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At the risk of sounding pathetic and a bit sad....I'm NEW:O)

Hello to anyone whos taken time out of their day to read this.

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby...lost my first last year at 10 weeks but feel much more positive about this one...

Anyway...just wondering how everyone is...and if people have got any tips on tired n achiness?!



  • Hi sweetie. . congratulations on your pregnancy, sorry to hear of your loss last year. I have no tips for tiredness!! If you have aches, id reccomend a pregnancy massage they are the best, most beauty salons do them, the massage tables have a hole for your bump which amused me image x Sophia x
  • Oooo I never even thought of that!! I say I'm 8 weeks but until I have a dating scan in 2 weeks I'm not actually sure because of irregularities...but I trust my midwife and she surely knows her
  • Hiya, welcome to the site! Sorry to hear of your loss last year, and a huge congrats on you pregnancy!! A nice warm bath is good if you are feeling achy.xx
  • yeah you will get a proper date soon, mine was changed 3 times!! But its defo May 2nd now, i don't bother with all these herbal remedies for aches and pains. I just do what i used to do pre-pregnancy. . just make the salon you go to aware your pregnant. I still do everything i used to, minus alcohol and clubs. . image My baby Theo will be worth it though. Its just weird being pregnant, its my first and not what i expected. (nothing bad though) i have had no sickness or any of the usual pregnancy symptoms.
  • i feel positive this time i lost my first at 23 weeks i am 18 weeks +4 days now . as for tierdness i spent every opportunity in bed sleeping for the first 12 months lol
  • Well so far (I've known I'm pregnant for just over 2 weeks) I've had very littel sickness....only when I've eaten too much hahaha!

    Thanks for your advice Suzaie!

    I think my date will be changed as I think I may be further than what my midwife thinks I am! But that may be just me losing my marbles!

    It's hard with the tiredness at the moment as I'm in my final year at uni plus I'm holding down a job and have a house to look after.

    Theo is a lovely name awhhhh
  • i know how you feel, thats the situation i'm in. . at uni and working part time to pay for it!! Take maternity leave in 4-5 weeks cannot wait. Its only my first year at uni so ill take some time out. Im at uni now but my brain does not work i cant concentrate so im on here instead!
  • Awh bless. My brain doesn't work AT ALL at the moment. I've got 2/3 months to go at uni and its very intense....seem to be coping ok though!!

    My other half sees me through everything though bless him, I reckon I'd be lost with out him!
  • emmajemma - I do hope you meant the first 12 weeks hehe!
  • Ah thats nice, i feel like that about my fiancee even though he is not here, i wont be seeing him until June so he will miss the birth of baby Theo image I cannot wait to see him in June, counting down the days. Was your baby planned? Mine wasn't, i was on the pill ( how effective is that?!) Im over the moon now though, i wouldn't have it any other way. You will b ok i never dreamt id get this far without going insane!!
  • Yeah it was planned to an extent. I stopped taking the pill last summer to try for a baby. I became pregnant but lost it in November and just found out earlier this month I was expecting again and we're both over the moon. It feels so different this time!!
  • emmajemma - I do hope you meant the first 12 weeks hehe!

    see what pregnancy does to the brain!!!!
  • I really hope everything goes well for you this time. There are so many nice people on here aswell, they are lovely and give loads of advice which if your anyhting like me will need advice on everything as i aint got a clue!!
  • emmajemma - I do hope you meant the first 12 weeks hehe!

    see what pregnancy does to the brain!!!!


    Well it's nice to know other people are in the same situation image)
  • HI, welcome to the site, i'm afraid tiredness seems to last until middle of second trimester, then i got a burst of energy, now starting to feel tired again. i'm nearly 36 weeks and finishing work tomorrow! so excited! hope all goes really well for you with this pregnancy, x fingers. claire xx
  • Hi Claire!

    Thanks very much! You seem all excited, bless you!! You having pink or blue? Any name ideas??

    Sarah-Jane xx
  • It's a blue one - Jack! named after his paternal grandad who died four years ago. Do you want to find out or are you going to wait for a surprise??
  • I'm definitely going to find out...I'm still young...I need to find out so I can prepare properly and adjust my lifestyle, home and its room before it arrives as I can imagine I'll be spending rather a lot of ?????? and I'd rather start early and spread the cost! lol
  • absolutely, start saving NOW if you haven't already. I would have started saving a year before if i had known that i would fall pregnant! also ebay and are fab for cheap stuff/ a rocking horse from freecycle, it's a bit of a state but i have a while to get him fixed up! how old are you if you don't mind me asking? i'm 28, thought i was still young but it seems not!
  • Congratulations! Bit late with all these posts already on image Tiredness was bad for me at the start and it was so hot cause it was the middle of summer which made it worse. I'm getting back to that stage again now (37 weeks!) Have actually been sleeping for 10 hours without getting up to pee! Amazing. Look forward to hearing what you're having in a couple of weeks. x
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