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I just found out I was pregnant last Thursday... I went to hospital yesterday because I have heavy bleeding clots cramps that come strong and go away . They did blood test and said my hcg was 34 and I should be 6 weeks pregnant to wait two days and get more blood work done ...  but they say it’s very low that I mos likely to miscarriage... have anyone had this problem??


  • Hi Nicole

    sorry to hear about your current situation. Unfortunate I have miscarried twice this year, both times spotted brown for some days before red blood and miscarriage. the first time my hcg was very low, the second time my hcg was up and down,  

  • Hi there dear friend. Are you feeling any better as of now? I am really heart broken to hear that this happened to you! Try your best not to fall into depression dear. I know it is hard but it is not over. There will come a time and day when you will be happy! No matter what it feels like right now... I can guess that you feel like this is the end. Again really sorry for that. However I cannot force this enough... I assure you that this is not the end. There will be other days, better ones. You will see them sooner or later. You just have to fight hard enough now. For a better tomorrow. Try to smile dear because you deserve this. God bless you with the best blessings he has. Keep moving forward.

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