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Miscarriage at 16 weeks

Hello Everyone 

I miscarriage at 16 weeks it's my first pregnancy been trying for 5 years. It' the worst experience I have ever had I cry everyday how can one get over this Please? I just want to get pregnant again don' know how quick it can happen, I just hope I won' have to wait for another 5 years it' heart breaking :(



  • I don't have any experience but I didn't want to just read and run. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. big hugs xx 

  • Thank you I appreciate it x

  • Hi Rama2, we are so sorry to hear of your loss. We have a wonderful support thread about miscarriage here, which we hope you'll find helpful, and know you're not alone in what's happened to you. 

  • Hello lovely... this absoloutly broke my heart when I saw this ... I’m so sorry for your loss. I had a miss carriage at 12 weeks and took me a long time to get over it I know the feeling just remember it all happens for a reason and your special time will come again soon... big hugs xxx

  • Thank you. I'm so sorry for yours too, it's really a very sad thing to happen. Sorry to ask how long did it take you to get pregnant again?

  • Hi Rama,

    just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. I’m currently going through a MC at 11 weeks. Please do join us over at the group that Danielle mentioned. There is a lot of support there x

  • OMg, I am so sorry for you. It truly is unfortunate what happened. Its so hard to conceive for some people and life can play a cruel joke on them for no reason.What you need to do is not stop TTC because you have been pregnant recently so it won't take another 5 years or so. Also, you know for sure that you are not infertile so that's hopeful. Take care and I am sorry for your loss once again. Take care. 

  • We fell pregnant again the 15th of June and we had the misscarriage on the 6th March so only 3 months but felt like a year as your always wanting to see that positive pregnancy test :( everyone told me to forget and relax and your body will do what it wants which is so so so hard but it really does work.... we also used this special lube called conceive plus which we brought on the 1st of June and my next fertile window was mid June and it worked first time for us! I would highly recommend it!!! only around £10 I think on amazon!!!! Give it  go :) xxxxxxx

  • THIs is so heart breaking I teared up reading this because it took me back to my miscarriage in April of 2017 where we lost our angel at 13 weeks 4 days. It was rather heartbreaking and a really tough moment to get pass. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t say it get easier but overtime it does. We haven’t been trying nor have we been trying to prevent and that’s only because I’m afraid of another loss but I wish you all the best in ttc again and this pregnancy is successful. If I may ask did they give you a reason why this happen so far along?

  • Hi thanks a lot I appreciate it

    I went for a blood test last week then will go for a scan I think next month followed by other appointments to know the reason why it happened. Will keep you posted if your interested xx

  • Hi Rama

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I lost my baby on 30th Jan 18, well technically it was around 1/1/18 but it was my 12 week scan on 30th when we found out, it's been a hard few weeks, I haven't returned to work yet :( as I'm not mentally and emotionally ready, physically I'm not in pain but I'm still bleeding and still getting positive pregnancy tests. People tell me it will get easier but I don't feel that way atm :( i have my first counseling session tomorrow so will see how that goes, I can't focus or concentrate on much right now and I know if I go back to work and start mucking up I'll be in bigger trouble than I already am!! 

    I hope things can get a little easier for you, I found this quote online and took some comfort from it, I hope you can too. All the best, hugs & kisses , Stef image

  • I know it took a long time for me to respond but I did read your message and bought the conceive plus and I'm now pregnant after using it one circle. I use to be so scared coming in this forum but hopefully I'll have the strength again. Thank you once again

  • I just want to say a big thank you to all you wonderful people for your kind messages. I just found out I'm pregnant again I don' know how to feel but I'm very scared after the miscarriage. Any one can recommend a forum I can follow about pregnant after miscarriage.

    Thank you

  • Hi Rama2, welcome back to the forum and huge congratulations on your pregnancy - thank you so much for coming back to the forum and giving us your update - so good to read positive stories, after such a loss. 

    We have this thread which is full of women, who are all pregnant after miscarriage. 

    Also, if you fancied joining one of our birth clubs where you can meet women due the same month as you, you can find the birth clubs here. 

  • Thank you very much I'll definitely follow. Thank you.

  • I’m so so happy to be reading this! It’s really made my day! I’m so please that you took my advice and went and brought concieve plus! it really worked for me and it seems it’s worked for you to! Please just try keep a positive mind set and i can assure you everything will be ok :) xxx

  • Massive congratulations to you :) it's so nice to read and gives others a glimer of hope to, I know it's given me hope :) had my first cycle 3 weeks ago so fingers crossed we've been blessed with baby dust!! If not I shall be trying this conceive plus :p good luck for the rest of your pregnancy, how far are you? Xx

  • Hello steffyjane i wasn’t sure wether this was meant for me or Rama but I’ll reply anyway! Haha I swear by conceive plus could all be psychological or it really does work!!! my baby boy was born on the 7th mark via c section a teeny 6lb 10! Very healthy happy Little man:) 

  • March sorry not mark !

  • Aww thank you. I seriously wasn't hoping for it to be this quick but wont change it for the world :)I believe I'm 8 weeks I'll be going for my first scan tomorrow will keep you updated. Good luck hopefully you'll be next. It took me 5 years to get pregnant then had a miscarriage after 16 weeks I was expecting it will take years for another pregnancy but it only took few months. I believe if it can happen for me this quick it will surely happen to you. X

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