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Hi everyone, so found out i was expecting was so delighted, then at 4 weeks i started to bleed after having sex with my partner prob just a coincidence. Anyways i bleed for about 4 days consisted of blood clots and everything. I went to call into my doc but he was closed everytime then on xmas eve the bleeding stopped took two tests the first respose and both showed up negative i had originally used the clear blue digital. My question is how long did people bleed for after miscarriage?? And wouls there be any chance the pregnancy could still be there?  as im not sure there is any point in me gping doc at this stage when everything is gone back to normal x 

Hope to hear back from people  


  • Hi i had two mcs arouns five weeks and they were mostly just like a normal period, around 4/5 days with one day particuarly heavy. I would defo still go speak to your doc or your local early pregnancy unit because they may need to scan you to check everythings came away naturally. Sendings lots of love, apoligies for your loss xxxx

  • Thats very much Bobble321 for ur reply. Xx 

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