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Dizziness and fatigue post Miscarriage

Hi all. This week has been a blur and a rollercoaster. I found out i was pregnant to then start to miscarry. The bleeding is now light and no clots and cramping eased. For the last four days ive been floored with fatigue and light headedness/dizzyness. Has anyone had this? Ive just completed antibiotocs for a UTI aswell. I dont think im anaemic due to what i have lost and the dr said not to worry unless the bleeding got heavier and cramps restarted. Just dont know if this is all 'normal'....anxiety takes over all rational thinking too! 


  • well I had I.miscarriage I had like this is well am so sorry I feel sad 😢 hope u get well best off luck in ur next. Preg 🤰 

  • Hi tam10 first of all sorry for ur loss i to had a miscarriage but not the same as urself i had a missed miscarrige which i had no symptoms whts so ever tht was 5th of january then had dnc one week and a half later after baby was away i had really bad diziness and really bad blurred vision and headaches to which i went to opticians everything was fine with eyes and behind them and they said it could b due to the hormones leaving my body and going dwn its has now been 7weeks since dnc and i am fine no headaches or blurred vision and just had another positive pregnancy test yesturday morning and this morning xxx

  • Thankyou for your replys. Had a check up today and GP thinks things are going ok. Had a full blood count and infection markers checked in another blood test to rule out aneamia and infection. X

  • Great glad ur having it seen to xxx

  • Hi TAM10,

    I felt terrible after my MC too. I was almost 11 weeks and I bled for over 7 weeks. I think I slept for the first 3 weeks! I was slightly anaemic due to losing so much blood, and I found supplements helpful. Even if your dr says you are ok, the iron tablets you get from boots may be worth a go just to give you a boost?

    It may well be your body's way of telling you to take it easy for a little while. I found the physical and emotional symptoms kind of blurred into one!

    Hope you are ok- lots of ladies here who have been in the same boat sadly, but are here to support x

  • Hi Tam, so sorry for your lost. My last miscarriage was in April of last year at 13 weeks. I bled for about 3 weeks which slowed up a lil but continued until it was time for my next cycle. Come to find out I had polyps which made the bleeding continue but they were removed In July and pretty much after that I went through a stage of depression my therapist called it post partuim although I never delivered I went through the emotions. I suffered this for months the dizziness/ fatigue wanting to be alone especailly when friends around accounced their pregnancy but I got through a lil more each day. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear but it will get better soon and not seem so hard each day. Keep talking with your doctor.  Hoping you get your rainbow baby soon. Come over and join us anytime you want to talk. 

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