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Miscarriage 6 weeks ago, when did you get negative test

hi girls , so sorry for all your losses , I lost my baby 6 weeks ago at 16 weeks , had a few negative pregancy tests , yet now I seem to be getting very faint positives , how long after did you get negatives ? 

Thanks xx


  • Hi so sorry for your loss xxx It took about 3 weeks for me to get a negative test after my miscarriage.  Have you been using the same brand of tests with the same sensitivity? If so, could there be a chance you have a little rainbow baby on the way? 🌈

  • i Tested last week with 2  clear blues and they were negative , I tested on Sunday as I’m feeling pooey !! with f response got a faint line tested Monday with first response faint line and today with FR and got a slightly darker line, it could well  be possible yes  my Little angel sent me a 🌈 but just so soon !! That’s why Im thinking is it hcg from my first pregnancy xx

  • imageimage The first two FR were Sunday and Monday and the fr positive is today but the clear blues negative 😴

  • You will just have to keep testing. Test in a couple of days and see if line is darker and then again in another couple of days. Stick to the same brand of test . Good luck xxxx 🌈

  • im so sorry for everyone’s losses, I’m in a huge panic and really need advice, been a blubbering mess the last hour, 

    tested on 14/03/18

    with loads of tests - all BFP

    never ever had that before 

    and now yestarday I had one digital come up (-)

    and this morning my first response was really really light ( clear blue still says 1-2 ) 

    I’m so so worried, pictures below - please help me 😣😪 sorry for the bad picture quality too




  • forgot to mention - I should be five weeks as of yestarday 😣😣 spoke to the midwife at my drs and she said I could’ve miscarried last week ( I bled for 24 hrs last Friday with clots and only after then did I get my positive results which got stronger and stronger until this last two days ) 

  • I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. I’ve had bleeding in most of my pregnancies and the babies have been fine. However of course that’s not always the case. Unfortunately I would think at the moment you are too early for a scan as it’s more towards 6 weeks they will see a heartbeat. The only thing you can do really is take tests every couple of days and see if they get lighter or darker. Use the same brand and do the tests at the same time of day. In a weeks time you should be able to see a heartbeat on a scan if all is well. Your hospital should have an early pregnancy assessment unit. Give them a ring and ask their advice as they may book you in for a scan.  I really hope things turn out well for you as I know how heartbreaking it is. Xxxxxxx

  • thank you so mich for replying 

    I’m goilong bloody mental with google 

    I was in a huge panic to the midwife on the phone and she has me booked for an early scan next Friday and she told me to stop testing and relax, ..... impossible!!!! 

    ive had symptoms all week and noticed physical changes to my boobs and my backs been killing me, headaches, dizzy, so drained 

    but why would a digital test that can pick up 25ml go from positive to negative within a day and first response get so faint ? 

    ive read Of other people having fluctuatiby tests and everything’s fine but I doubt it 😪

    when you bled was it before your positive results ?? Clots ??? Sorry for asking, I’m so worried 

  • I’ve bled after positive results. Sometimes clots sometimes not. I’ve got 6 children. With my 5th a really big clot came out. I couldnt believe it when the scan said I was still pregnant. Funnily enough the only pregnancy I didn’t bleed was when I’d actually miscarried but I didn’t know until my 12 week scan 😞 I’m really glad she’s booked you in for a scan. It will be a long week for you though having to wait. I really hope it’s good news for you xx 

  • help 😪😪😪


  • You need to leave it a couple of days to see what your hcg levels are doing. It’s so heartbreaking and confusing though I know 😞

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