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Signs of a missed miscarriage or miscarriage

I’m 13weeks 6days and last week on Monday I was told that I had a uti infection and had to have a dose of antibiotics for a week. I then got a letter the following day from my midwife saying I had group B strep. I had my 12wks scan on the 21st (Wednesday) and the day after I went To the toilet and you could imagine my face when I saw blood in the toilet, it was like watery red blood, the bleeding was on and off for a week And every morning I’ll either have blood in my underwear, when I would wipe or when I would urinate. The blood calmed down that week And turned to brown discharge, I haven’t been checked since this bleed because when I phoned my midwife She told me to contact my gp and when I did he just wanted a consulration over the phone and he was more interested in the urine infection more than the bleeding and that was that, this is my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to do, I dont have a scan until may Now But I see my midwife on the 19th April. i also had a very sore back during this week. however  haven’t had Anymore blood since but my bump is still the same I still fit into my size 8 jeans without a problem it just seems bloated and you can’t telll that I am even pregnant? Im Also suffering with a bad headache this mornin. My morning sickness, breast tenderness and fatigue has all disappeared since 3weeks ago, I have also been suffering from backache, could this be a sign somethings wrong? Or even a missed miscarriage? I was told GBS doesn’t cause any bleeding or symptoms.  

Sorry for the long paragraph x 


  • If you are concerned try get to your early pregnancy unit at the hospital they will help manage your pain too 

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