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13 week miscarriage and recovery

Hi, after trying for a baby for over a year to finally I felt pregnant. Sadly though at 13weeks I began to bleed very heavily and had a miscarriage. I had to have an ERPC in the hospital to get rid of the retained tissue and stop me bleeding. I just wondered how soon others have started trying again? They mentioned a month but what if I don't want to wait at all? Also I'm still bleeding 1 week later. How long did others bleed for after their miscarriage? TIA x


  • sorry to hear about your loss, after my losses they told me to wait a 1 cycle so that if I did convince straight away it’s easier to date the pregnancy and gives the lining of your womb time to thicken xxx

  • Brambledog im so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, i also miscarried at 13 weeks in September we started trying again straight away (wait for the bleeding to stop to prevent infection) and fell the second cycle im now almost 31 weeks and everything seems to be going well this time so there is hope & they do say you’re more fertile after a miscarriage so as soon as you’re emotionally & physically ready that’ll be the right time, I bled for a week stopped for a couple of days and then bled for another few days hope this helps ... fingers crossed it doesn’t take long to catch again xx

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