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Worrying about miscarriage!!


i am new on here and I’m sure you’ve probably seen this type of post a million times before so I apologise :(

i suffer with PCOS so getting pregnant is an achievement in itself, but means no one ever knows when I’ve ovulated! All fun and games ha!!

in november 2016 I had my first pregnancy and miscarriage. From the day of my last period, i was about 6 weeks. that pregnancy was full of trapped wind (tmi sorry!), fatigue, metallic taste in my mouth, very sensitive teeth........however, saw embryo on a scan and they said I was “earlier than 5 weeks” but fetal pole and yolk sac were evident.

now I’m pregnant again! Over 9 weeks since day of my last period! Had an early scan on Friday and she said I was around 5 weeks, till sac could be seen, didn’t mention anything else. However this pregnancy I have some bloating, stomach cramping, needing to pee more and (sorry again), constipation!

i am so scared of miscarrying again I can’t stop stressing out about it! I have another scan booked for 25th May, which seems so far away! 

Do I take positives from the fact my pregnancies have been so different so far? Or am I just trying to fool myself into a false sense of security? Any tips as to how I can stop worrying about miscarriage? 

Thanks in advance


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