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Period or not?! First since miscarriage.

I am feeling a litrle confused - i had a 13 week miscarriage on April 23rd and needed an ERPC to remove products. Then i bled for 2weeks very lightly. Then yesterday, 5weeks post the miscarriage ive got my first period, or something! Is a very light pinky loss on wiping only and hasnt even touched the panyliner i have on. I've been pretty grumpy and have sore boobs. Do you think this is a period or not? Has anyone else experienced this post a miscarriage? Thanks x


  • Hi brambledog... sorry to hear about your loss. Frustratingly, that sounds pretty normal hun... especially as you had an erpc... the erpc removes more of your endometrial lining than would be removed in a natural miscarriage (or regular period) so your periods will probably be lighter for a few months or so until your lining builds back up to full thickness. After my second mc (he an erpc that time) my periods were much much llighter for several months. They were also irregular for a few months (my cycle length went from being 28 days like clockwork to anything from 22-30).. that’s pretty normal too I think as your hormones take time to settle back down. 

    hope you are feeling ok & if you have any other questions please do ask & I will do my best to help x

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