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Pregnant after miscarriage..

hi everyone, I’m new here...

ill Start from the Beginning, 2014 I had a miscarriage iwas devestated and never thought I’d be able to have children, 2015 come around and I found out I was pregnant, that pregnancy went really well, although I was so anxious I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who is my whole world! Fast forward to 2016 I found out I was pregnant and I unfortunately lost the pregnancy, 2017 found out again I was pregnant and again lost the pregnancy, now 2018 I am pregnant but my anxiety levels are through the roof no matter how calm and relaxed I try to be..

any who my question is does anyone who has been through this experience have any advice or stories (whether positive or negative) im literally expecting the worst (as bad as it sounds) but hoping for the best! 

Thank you for any replies! 

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