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Success after two miscarriages

I always promisee myself that if we had our happy outcome then i woulf share my story, they helped me so much when we were having a tough time.

Our first pregnancy happened very quickly on the first month of trying. I had some brown spotting followed by a heavy bleed around 5 weeks. My GP sent me for an early scan. This showed a pregnancy with a heartbeat at 6 weeks along but i should have been 7+5 weeks. I convinced myself we had suffered a missed miscarriage and paid for a private scan two weeks later and unfortunately i was proved right. My miscarriage was medically managed a few days later.

I got a positive pregnancy test for the second time within two months. I again had brown spotting and feared the worst. After phoning the early pregnancy unit they agreed to an early scan which didn't really show much and i had to go back a further two times to ensure that the pregnancy definitely wasn't progressing, which it wasn't. They recommended a d&c which i agreed to. 

My periods didnt return so i took a pregnancy test 4 weeks later - negative. Still no period so a futher 5 weeks later i did another pregnancy test, negative. But when i went to throw it away it looked kike there was a faint positive line. I assumed it was just an evaporation line but contacted my DR anyway. They did a blood test and it was positive for HCG but very low and unlikely to be a new pregnancy. They monitored my bloods every few days but they never went down. A scan showed remaining pregnancy tissue and an infection. To cut a long story short i had a hysteroscopy which  showed scarring for the d&c and a lot of pregnancy tissue that the consultant said he was convinced some of which was from the first pregnancy. He repaired the damage and advised us not to try to conceive for 3 months. I had a follow up appointment with him 3 months later, he gave us the go ahead and 3 weeks later we found out we were expecting again. The following 9 months were the hardest of my life, i struggled to think positive and feared the worst but that was all unnecessary as our beautiful baby boy arrived big and healthy. The pregnancy really was textbook and if i hadn't of fretted so much it really would have been a dream.

I always said 'i can't imagine things going right for us. I can't imagine being a mum, i can't imagine being lucky enough to have a healthy baby' but now i realise - how can we possibly imagine the unimaginable?! 

Things i did differently?

- Pregnacare with omega 3

- Progesterone suppositories from the positive pregnancy test until 12 weeks 

- Early reassurance scans


  • That is so lovely, I’m so glad everything worked out well for you. Congratulations on your healthy baby. I’ve just miscarried with my first 3 weeks tomorrow, everything passed naturally. Really didn’t expect it at all, just patiently waiting for my period to return now as there’s a small clot which I will pass then the sonographer said and then will ttc again. We got pregnant on our first try too so I’m really hoping and praying it happens quickly again and is a healthy pregnancy. 

    thanks for sharing your story, there is a light at the end of the tunnell after all xx

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