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hi girls,bad news had miscarrage friday,had scan and had died at 9 weeks ,also had large clot in there.gave me pessarys to speed things up ,god did it.still losing today,feel ok about it but just so desperate to be pregnant again,has this happened to any of u guys then gone on to get pregnant quite quick after? and is everything ok this time round?never want to experience this again.horrible time,makes u realize not to take pregnancy for might not be on here for a while now.any advice would be great.feel empty.xx


  • So sorry for your loss chocky. I haven't experienced this myself but my best friend did, and she got pregnant again as soon as possible afterward. Her m/w or whoever had advised her to wait a month to have a normal bleed but she didnt last that long, she was pregnant again in no time. Hope this gives you some hope, but remember you may need a little time yourself to get over the shock. Thinking of you x
  • Oh i am so sorry 4 u. i had 1 last august & then fell pg again in october. I am pretty sure a few ladies on here have fell pg quicker than this tho (like within a month), but just let ur body decide when its ready bcos u dont want 2 risk it happenin again. Believe me i do understand, i have had so many. Things do get beta & all i was told was 'its not meant 2 b' but i think thats a load of shit & a terrible thing 2 b told so i dont believe that but just take it easy & prepare ur body 4 the next time. U can still take folic acid & pregnacare vitamins 2 help it along. I hope it didnt take u too long 2 get pg this time & i hope ur ok. Tess*
  • sorry to hear your news . take time to recover . i have suffered with maisscarriges and know how hard it is . you should leave it a few months , then there is no reason why you cant start trying again. take care x
  • Hi Chocky, just wanted to offer words of support. I had a m/c back in September (not the same circumstances as you- I wasn't so far along). The path to closure is a long or as short as you want to make it. I'm still ttc but I truly believe its because I am not yet over what happened in September. I am however, now looking to the future and I would encourage you to do so when you feel ready. A friend of mine was pregnant again within two months of a m/c and now has a beautiful baby girl. I'm thinking of you and I wish you all the best xx
  • thanks girls ,i only had one period after coming off pill then got pregnant so shouldnt be a problem again .how long do u have off work when this happens ? got no energy .got scan on thurs morn to make sure everything has gone.x
  • as long as you need i had 2 wks , u just get your doc to sign you off go back when you are ready. x
  • it's true you do seem to be more fertile after m/c i had one in july last year and didn't have a period at all before i got pregnant again and now i'm 30 weeks so i'd say go for it and i hope your as lucky as i was. good luck....anita xx
  • Hi Chocky......sorry to hear your sad news. I havent been in this situation myself but my sister has miscarried many times after the last time she was pregnant again within a month she's now 15weeks pregnant and doing it can happen......I wish you & your partner all the best in the world....chanine x
  • Hi Chocky, I had m/c at the end of November @ 10 weeks so I know how hard this is for you. Please take care of yourself and get some rest and take some time to get over it. I conceived in January so am now 7 weeks and looking after myself. Just make sure you relax xxx
  • hi i know how you feel im so sorry take care x x x
  • I had a miscarriage (feb 2001) before i had my first baby (oct 2002) it was awful, i was almost 11 weeks and thought i was getting to the 'safe' period! I know how you feel but it's not the end ...although at the moment it will feel like it! Good luck in the future sweetheart! xx
  • Hi chockey sorry to hear i was in kind of the same sistuation i had a miscarrage on the 2nd of january 2016 i was 15 weeks 4 days i found out she had to much fluid on the back of its neck and in its lungs anf around its heart then i got old it has turner snydrome them found out it would of been a beautiful little princess but it wasnt affected by me or my partner they said it just happened its been just over a month since i had her but jusy wondering how long it could take for me to get pregnant again as i really want to be pregnant again xx 

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