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Pregnant, bleeding a lot, been to hospital and had a private scan but got no answers

I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago and had faint line on the test but did 3 and they were all the same , last Saturday morning I woke up and was bleeding when I wiped and cramps had started ...

I went and got seen to and was told my cervix was closed and the bleeding wasn’t coming from there and I was to come back for a scan on Monday , the bleeding got abit heavier on the Sunday and cramps were awful was examined again and was told my cervix is shut everything is ok and sent on my way again ,

I went for my internal scan on the Monday morning and was told I was about 4/5 week pregnant and they could see the pregnancy sack on the scan but was too early to see much else but as far as they could see everything was how it should be and I was sent in my way without my bloods being taken but given another scan date for 2 weeks later,

that night I’d had no pains or anything as such I just went for a wee as normal and I felt something come out of me , it was a clot so I could see it was quite big and I could see some clear patches init so took it to the hospital were I was told  by a nurse they couldn’t see for sure what it was. 3 hours later I was seen by a consultant who examined me said my cervix was shut and sent me on my way dismissing my clot saying it was nothing without even looking at it ,so ive carried on my week bleeding only when wiping and when in my wee nothing heavy and the cramp had calmed down ,

today my bleeding had stopped and I did two test which were very very faint so I worried that my hormone levels were decreasing so I booked an early scan with a private company who only do external scans and she told me that she was unable to see any pregnancy and that I must have lost it  but yet I was told Monday I was to early on to have an external scan as they couldn’t see anything  properly .... I

have now got to wait till Tuesday for an internal scan to confirm whether or not I have lost my baby ...  I’m looking on google and trying to see if my tests are normal compared to others ... I’m devastated and just wanting to see if there is any hope if anyone else has been through anything similar . thank you 


  • Hi rachel I don’t know if this will help but my friend bleed heavy all the way through her pregnancy and went on full term to have a beautiful baby girl she was in and out of hospital all the way through but she was fine in the end, keep us updated and good luck x

  • I am nearly 25 weeks and I bled alot in early preganacy, I had a haematoma that was from implantation that came out gradually causing bleeding, I was terrified I had lost everything, I went for early scans and they couldnt see anything as it was too early, they could see the sac like you mentioned but nothing else at that stage  ( about 5 weeks) I had to go back weekly for them to keep checking that things were developing. The external scan (as the hospital did tell you) wont show much so early on so its a bit of a shame that you chose to go for the private scan as that has just added to your worry. The doctors took my bloods initially after the initial pains I had then again 48hrs later to check it was doubling, after that they didnt take bloods they scanned. Its a case of just waiting it out im afraid. everything may well be fine and the bleeding may be related to the implantation or the attachment of the uterus. I know its worrying and frustrating but the doctors know what they are doing, they arent just telling you that everything seems ok for the sake of it. There are plenty or reasons that people bleed that arent a miscarriage and if your cervix is closed and they can see the sac as they should at this stage then trust them. They need to scan with time passing inbetween so they can see progression. Good luck for your scan xx

  • Thank you , what you’ve said has been helpful , it was the clot that was concerning me though even though the consultant brushed it off as nothing , my tests in the same sample of wee one was very faint and one you couldn’t see the 2nd line after a few minutes , just made me think the worst that’s why I stupidly went for the private scan which has now made us think the worst has happened but we need to wait for the scan Tuesday to confirm everything xx

  • I had miscarried last Monday , the clot that was dismissed by a consultant was infact the sac , yet she examined me poorly and didn’t even check my clot told me everything was ok and I was worrying over nothing when I had actually miscarried , I’m so annoyed about how it’s been dealt with and devastated about my loss but Ino these things happen , it just could of been handled a lot better x

  • Im so sorry to read this! I hope you are as ok as you can be! Even though these things happen it doesnt make it any easier at all! Yes it sounds like they didnt look after you properly. I hope they have supported you with this outcome! Sending you love and best wishes! Send me a message if you want to vent or chat! xx

  • Thank you for your lovely message and support I really appreciate it , it’s been a hard few weeks and I’m upset with how poor I was treated but I’m making a compliment, my partner has been so supportive and it’s just made us want a baby more , just want back what we had xxx

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