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I just had an ultrsound today and saw my little bean for the first time! I was so happy and excited.

Went home and took a nap. However when i woke up a few hours later, I wiped and saw brownish-pink spotting. It waa alot and after that wipe, there wasnt any other blood. I had a dull ache throughout most of the pregnancy including now. I'm at about 5 weeks. 

Please help! Is it normal???


  • AMSHL I think you should contact EPU ASAP. It can be nothing but it can be early miscarriage. I'm so sorry xx 

  • I'm going back in tomorrow morning. 

    Could it be spotting cause he did a trans ultrasound? Omg I'm crying so bad now I don't want to lose this. 

  • Hey don't panic. Transvaginal ultrasound is a standard practice in early pregnancies.

    I really doubt that it had anything to do with it. There is no connection in the scientific literature between any type of ultrasound and bleeding or miscarriage. 

    Did they say anything about pregnancy during the scan? Where is it located and if you don't have any blood clots in uterus? Was the fetal pole present?

    If the bleeding doesn't stop call EPU. remember though that they'll most likely send you for another transvaginal scan

  • He did say the sac looked small for 5 weeks and looked more like a 4 week. He didn't say anything else. He did rule out ectopic pregnancy. 

    It was just brown spotting with a tiny but of pink to it. TMI but I tried inserting a finger in to check and there was just brown discharge. It was just that once and nothing else came out. 

    Thank u for replying. I'd go crazy of it was not for you or the community here :')

  • AMSHL I know how you feel. The worst is that you just don't know and all you can do really is to wait.

    I lost my previous twin pregnancy at 11+4 wks and I felt like my world is going to collapse. 

    Keep testing, you will see if your hormones are dropping or not. If they don't you can go for another scan and you will see if the sac is still there and if there is anything inside.

  • And just don't forget that bleeding does happen in early pregnancies! :)

  • PLEASE DON'T PANIC! Brown blood is usually old blood, and it could be something as simple as implantation bleeding, it could be what would have been your period, there are many options for what it could be -  Should it get worse or turn to fresh red blood, i'd be more concerned, but a little bit of spotting is not reason to believe you are miscarrying at all. Please try and relax as best you can. 

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