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Help I'm worried sick

So I'm 7 ish weeks pregnant.  Startred with bleeding when wiping last Thurs. Went to epu and had an internal scan. They said pregnancy was in the right place and to keep my eye on the bleeding as they don't worry unless I soak thru a pad every 2 hours. I'm still bleeding and bow there are clots. Still not soaking through the pad but I'm vv worried. I've rang hospital and I have to have another scan in 2 weeks but seems a long time to wait. Also I feel very loose and moist down there, is this normal. Sorry if tmi!!!


  • Hi lollyfradz. I had a miscarriage the 26th July 💔 I started bleeding only when wiping the week before a went to my doctor and she referred me to epu I had an internal scan and told to come back in 2 weeks as was too early to see anythin. But I started bleeding the following day and was in so much pain. On the Wednesday I felt like contraction pains called epu and told me they can’t scan me same week so would need to wait to the Monday. On the Thursday morning at 640 a had an urge to push and when I went to toilet I delivered my baby 💔. I would ask for a scan the next week as I think 2 weeks is too long too wait. 


  • I’ve literally just been through the exact same as you and unfortunately miscarried even the hospital had missed it  even though I took my clot in to be looked at !!! Just make sure you keep on being examined if you don’t feel right don’t be fobbed off like I was , hopefully this isn’t what’s happening for you as every one has different outcomes x

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