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Have I miscarried again?

Hi girls, 

My husband and I have been ttc for 7 months with our first. 2 months ago we saw our first positive test but then lost the pregnancy at only 4w+3. 

This month I thought I had AF - really light as usually but I kept spotting on and off afterwards. I did a test last Thursday and it was a strong positive - completely shocked! Another positive on a clear blue digital on Friday too. But Saturday morning a really faint positive, followed two hours later by a strong postive. Confused I went to the doctors yesterday and had a hcg blood test. Result came back today. HCG level was between 12 and 13. The doctor said this was low and I have another blood test next week. 

Surely, if I’m 6 weeks pregnant then my levels should be higher? Wouldn’t they have to be higher to get a positive on a clear blue digital? 

I haven’t bled like I did with the last miscarriage and I haven’t had any pain either. I’m finding it very hard to stay positive about this tho. Have I miscarried again? 


  • So sorry you are going through this horrible uncertainty. I'm afraid those HCG levels sound very low for early pregnancy, so it's not sounding too positive. Has the doc said he will test your blood again - HCG usually doubles i think every 48 (might be 24) hours, so your count would be much higher if so. Good luck honey x

  • Thank you for replying.

    I just don’t understand because I havent bled or had cramps like I did two months ago :(

    The doctor told me to wait two weeks before going for another blood test! But I’ve booked one for next week. I’m sure most people have another one in 2-3 days, not sure why she wanted me to wait so long! 

    Just gutting - can get pregnant but can’t stay pregnant :( and now I have no clue where I am in my cycle! X

  • Oh i'm so sorry honey - it could be a missed miscarriage - have a google of it - i've had this myself a few years ago - it can also be called a silent miscarriage. Basically you have no symptoms. 

    I'm afraid you're going to have to play the waiting game, have a blood test, see the results on that, or alternatively see if you can get booked in at your EPU (early preg unit) at the hospital. they will be able to do an internal scan and tell you what they are seeing. 


  • If I have miscarried with no symptoms will I need any treatment at all? 

    How long do you think it would take for my hcg to go down. I was just thinking I could take a first response test, if that comes up negative then levels would have definitely gone down. Obviously I will still go for the bloods so it’s on my record. 


  • You need a doctor to tell you that i'm afraid, so that should anything of the pregnancy remain (like the sac) it would ahve to be removed. I honestly think your best option os to try and get in at the EPU. Do you have someone/partner to be with you? 

  • I did phone the EPU last Saturday when I had a v faint positive test after a strong line on Thursday. She told me to phone the doctor on Monday for bloods - which is what I did. I’m guessing I’m better just waiting for the second blood test next week and seeing what the doctor suggests. Least if that does mean it’s a missed miscarriage I’ve given my body another week for it to naturally recover. Why is this whole pregnancy thing so difficult! 😔

  • And yes, I have a husband. It’s our first time ttc, so really neither of us have a clue. I seem convinced the baby has gone again, but he’s trying to remain positive. 

  • You know we are assuming the worst, but you never know, you may have just tested super early. Good luck honey x

  • Hi tamzin I had a missed mc in June just gone, I had no sign of it happening. Baby measured 3 weeks behind at scan then in my 2 wwwk wait for the second scan I started to mc naturally xx

  • Hi brookes - I’m really sorry to hear about your missed miscarriage. 

    Im pretty certain about my dates (though I guess you can never really tell) So I’m sure the hcg shouldn’t be that low. I’m going to phone the doctors again tomorrow and ask for my second blood test tomorrow. I cant wait another week to know - it’s too upsetting and worrying x

  • Thank you. Have you had a scan or anything? You should contact your epu if not and get in for a scan it will give you some clarity hopefully on what’s going on. 

    When I went for mine following a tiny bit of spotting the baby was there and everything looking normal but they had measured at 6 weeks. I knew i was 100% 9+3 as I knew when I ovulated using an OPK. So they booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks time but I naturally passed the baby and started bleeding at 11 weeks. 

    Fast forward now 8 weeks and I’m 4+3 weeks pregnant today. If it is the worst, don’t lose hope it will happen for you I’m sure. Positive thoughts to you. Keep us posted xxxx

  • I phoned them on Saturday but they told me to phone the doctors on monday for a blood test - which I did. 

    Congratulations on your happy news - fingers crossed this one is the one for you! X

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