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Low/Dropping HCG...No bleeding. Am i going to lose my baby? :(

Hello everyone, im Lucy. 

Im a lucky lady as i already have healthy children, but was delighted when we found out we were expecting another. 

I have never had regular periods ever since they started. I can literally go months without any sign of a MP. 

Anyways, so i found out i was pregnant on 26/07/18 i couldnt have been very far along AT ALL. did 5 HPT all +. I also did clear blue digitals and the first came back 1-2, the next 3+. 

So for the next few weeks i plodded along happy that im going to be having another baby. 

I called out of hours on 17/08/18 - due to having a few sharp pains in my back and also what to me DEFO was spotting (the lightest pink you could ever see and just tiny dots of it on a sheet of toilet paper which happened 3 times over 2 days, there was no red blood no heaving bleeding whatso ever and no clots!
Out of hours saw me and advised me to call my doctor on Monday which i did! 

My doctor arranged an urgent appointment at my local hospital where they did an internal scan, they said it was a PUL. Possibly because i was going to miscarry, have an eptopic or because it was just too early to see the little bean. 

They made me go and get my bloods taken straight away, which i did and they called that evening and said to me my levels were low - 265 and i was going to have a miscarriage. ANd that i had to have bloods redone in 2 days. 

Today is that 2 days later, and my levels have dropped to 180. I worked out i shouldnt really be any more than 3/4 weeks pregnant.

I have read stories of peoples HCG dropping and still having healthy babies that have just been to early to see on internal scans. Can anyone give me any hope at all??? Or am i going to miscarry, i have no pain at the moment and no sign of bleeding at all! 

Feel at a loss, i dont want to lose my bean :'(




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