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Waiting to miscarry...

hi everyone just looking for some advice really! were pregnant for a second time after miscarrying in Jan and things have been going great, got our BFP pretty soon and morning sickness started really early which very quickly turned into all day sickness! Midwife and docs said this was really good sign and was diagnosed with HG at about 7 weeks and put on bed rest and medication. nothing seemed to help so when we went for our private early scan at 9 weeks we were relieved to see only 1 baby with a healthy heart beat and kicking toes! A few days later my sickness got really bad so decided it was time to give in and go into hospital for IV fluids and sickness injections, the midwives were great and gave me loads of tips on how to cope and prescribed me some stronger medication, a few hours later they sent me for a scan so they had my dates on their records only to not be able to find a heartbeat anymore. Nobody was expecting it and it was heartbreaking to be in the same room as last time being told again our baby hadn’t made it And I was going to miscarry. How in 2 days had it all gone so wrong?! I am going back tomorrow (a week later) to be rescanned but o have had no miscarriage symptoms and in fact my HG symptoms are starting to creep back in and boobs have grown even more (impossible they are huge!)  im trying not to convince myself that I’m still carrying a healthy pregnancy as the hormone levels in my body must be so high to make me this ill but it’s so hard having been so positive and looking so healthy to literally 48 hours later it be all over! 

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