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Miscarriage at 5 1/2 weeks , no sign of period 4 weeks from the start of the M/C.


So I was pregnant 5 weeks and 3 days along when I started bleeding and cramping to find out it was a miscarriage. The miscarriage Started on July 30th 2018 and lasted a week and a day so ended Aug 6. I had unprotected sex again on August 19th and noticed some possible signs of ovulation on Aug 20/21 but I am not 100 percent sure since I don't test to see if I am or not. Monday will be exactly 5 weeks from the start of my miscarriage and I have no sign of a period coming. I had very mild pelvic cramps but not like a period. I took a test yesterday to see if I was maybe pregnant again and it was negative. Just wondering what some of your experiences have been around this same matter and when you got your first period after the miscarriage or if you ended up pregnant ( if so when were you able to see a positive test). Sorry for the long question , just trying to see if I should keep testing for possible pregnancy.


  • Sorry to hear about your mc Chantal. I had a missed mc in June at 11 weeks, after the bleeding stopped I had a period 4 weeks from then and now I’m 6 weeks pregnant so I got pregnant on the cycle after the mc. I would try not to stress over it not arriving just yet, everyone is different it can take upto around 8 weeks to come back I believe.

    did you have regular periods before your mc? 

  • Thank you Brookes764 I am also sorry to hear about your miscarriage but happy for you that you are pregnant again. Fully understandable that everyone is different, I just know my hgc level was really low when I had the confirmation that it was a miscarriage. Usually 5 or below you are not pregnant and I was at 7 on July 30th so I was assuming it would return sooner than later. I track my period using an app called period tracker and I got off of birth control earlier this year so when I thought I was pregnant I checked to see how long my cycles were to see if I miscalculated when my period was coming and found out my cycles were from 28 days to 35. I never missed a period ever though so to miss one was very odd for me. I guess I will wait and see and if anything I will just have some blood work done in a week or so to see if I am pregnant. 

  • opps meant Hcg Levels***

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