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Confused after miscarriage over dates

had a mc on aug 3 2018. Didnt get my cycle yet at all. Had sex on aug 27 or 28th. Took a preg test on sept 5 2018 it was negative! Had sex on sept 5 an took a preg test on monday sept 10th 2018 an it was positive! Could i have gotten preg on aroun the 27th or 28th of aug or sept5? An how can i calculate my weeks bein i didnt have a cycle yet? The doctors cant possibly rule my mc bleeding as my 1st day of my cycle because then i would be 7or 8weeks lol if they count my mc date! An i took a preg test on da 23rd of aug it was negative an the test i took on sept 5 was negative! Please some 1 give opinion!


  • Hi Ash. Looking at your dates, you most prob ovulated/conceived around 28 Aug, give or take a day or 2. It takes about a week for the egg and sperm to meet, then travel down the fallopian tube into the womb, then another 3 days or so for the egg to implant. Once implanted then it give off the pregnancy hormone hcg which is detected in pregnancy tests, that's why you got a negative test on 5 Sept, and a positive on 10th. When u took the negative test on 5th it was prob still in the process. 

    As for the dates, if u explain to doctor that this was the date u had sex then the will prob add 2 weeks from that date which will prob be roughly 14 Aug that they will "take your period date" even tho you didn't have one. Add 40 weeks for your due date. Plus when u go for a scan that will give u a real due date. Hope I didn't ramble too much and u understood it. If anyone else has an opinion feel free, as I may be wrong in somethings, others may be more educated than me in this. 

    Congratulations and let us know how u get on!!! X

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