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Potential miscarriage please help?!?

I was pregnant but because of my last period being very unusual it was hard to date me and place an accurate due date so I had took a home test that was positive but extremely faint on Saturday and on Sunday I got the worst cramps and

I was vomiting but no bleeding I took a hpt and it was still a faint positive Monday I bled heavy still no tissue just blood then between Tuesday and now it tapered off and I’m still bleeding just very light only when

I wipe. I went to the ER and they took a urine and a blood sample the urine was negative and the blood sample showed that my hcg level was a 7. And he was shocked that i took a pregnancy test that morning that was positive and the results were dark and not faint.

So he told me I had a miscarriage but I came home from the Er and took another home test and this one was positive and dark same as the last one. And this test turns positive for levels of 25 or higher.

i keep taking test through the week to monitor my lines and try to give myself some clarity 

i went to the hositpal on sunday and the test from Sunday was dark. The test on Monday was suupppeer faint. The test from Tuesday was getting darker. The test from Wednesday morning was darker than tuesday. And Wednesday night was darker than the morning. 

So is there any way that this is a viable pregnancy?


  • I think it can be possible. Some people can continue having periods or due to the shape of their uterus can continue bleeding on the one side. Cramping can be normal as your body is changing. It can be very painful due to ligaments stretching. If it is still positive in a few weeks and you are still having symtoms. I would say you still are.

    My MC experience was the loss of symptoms, heavy and painful bleeding (period and worse) for twelve days straight. Large blood clots and the feeling of needing to push. I was only seven weeks at that point.

    My chemical pregnancy( less than five weeks) was not a normal period. It was normal bleeding for a few hours than stop for two. It was on and off like that for the whole week. At first it hurt but then no pain for the next six days. No symptoms. 

    Just think positively. It helped me hugely with baby number three. 12 weeks and 4 days today.

  • Thank you so much for replying and congratulations to you 💗 I have an ob appointment on Wednesday hopefully I get some answers 🤞🏾

  • Just relax and think positively. 🙂

  • Hello just coming back to check in I ended up having a miscarriage in late September and I think I’m pregnant again fingers crossed🤞🏾 

  • Bloody hell  u are fertile hahah xxx  fingers crossed x

  • 😂 I had a longer cycle this month than I’m used to so according to my apps I wasn’t suppose to be then I randomly took another opk and caught my fertile window .. hopefully 

  • Hey im new here i just want to know if anybody has had what im getting i was 6 weeks pregnant when i had my miscarriage i only bleed for 9 days me and my partner BD after bleeding stopped ive been taking tests every week to see if i get a negative but still getting faint positives its now been 4 weeks since MC and got tender boobs cramps which i been happening for the past week and half boobs feel like they did when i was pregnant last so confused!!!!!

  • In my experience I had positive test for about a month after my initial miscarriage. But depending on your body you can ovulate before you get your next cycle. And you are way more fertile for the first 3-6 months after your miscarriage too. So I would wait another week test again if it’s still negative schedule a doctor appointment and what’s up 

  • Final update I got my BFP TODAY❗️ Wish me luck during this journey 

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