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Did I get the correct care??

I am mum to an amazing 2 year old boy. In the past year I have had one blighted ovum miscarried at 7 weeks and two late miscarriages (my daughter at 16 weeks in march and my son at 15 weeks in September). Both times we went for scans and the heartbeat had stopped, everything looking perfect until then. We had the harmony test done with my son...low risk and my daughter's testing and post mortem came back clear with only a long cord given as an explanation. We went private with our son whom we lost nearly two months ago...our consultant put me on aspirin but only from 12 weeks for high blood pressure. We are still awaiting our sons results. Bloods were taken before I delivered my daughter and then son in hospital, nothing has showed up yet...I have never had any scan etc after any of the miscarriages to check for gynae issues. Just wondering if I should have the bloods repeated now the hormones have left or if it is standard to do them whilst still technically being pregnant?? Also, if anyone else has a list of bloods they have had done or other tests. I am from Northern Ireland, we don't have any specialists here or clinics so my husband and I are considering travelling to England for tests....we cannot go through this again ...we are devastated! Thanks for any advice or information in advance x 

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