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Regretting abortion :( is there a chance it will fail?

Hello, i'm 24, partner is 28. Found out i was pregnant 2 weeks ago. Wasnt expecting it! I didnt know what to do so we rung an abortion clinic because of the waiting list for 2 weeks away so we'd have time to think but also that option.

Over those 2 weeks, i became attached to my baby but knew i had a uni degree to complete and no job, but my partner was quite civil about it, but he said at the start jokingly that he'd feel trapped and would probably leave me if i kept it, and kept referring to it as just a bag of cells throughout the 2 weeks. 

Abortion day arrived and i was certain i was going to keep it but went anyway for the scan and to be sure. Found out were were meant to be having triplets but one hadnt formed probably so was just a floating cell and 2 identical twins. This was a shocker!! And the idea of twins petrified me. The midwife give us time to think but my partner immedietly said "we cant deal with twins" and i agreed because at the time i was shocked and genuinly believed i couldnt cope.

2 hour wait for the medical pill. My boyfriend was googling twin videos and seemed excited but he didnt really say he wanted ti keep them.

Anyway, we were called in and I took one pill orally and 4 others were inserted in the vagina by the midwife. My boyfriend did look deeply upset before i took them but I thought we both knew what we wanted.

I also have a kidney infection so i have quite bad back pain. The midwife said the sac should pass by 8pm.

I felt fine, and bleeding started at 5pm. This is when i broke down in tears and realised my mistake. I felt fine but was bleeding until 7:30pm where i had a 5 minute cramp (which wasnt too painful, just felt more like my back was hurting and i needed a poop) so went for a poop and i then i felt fine, cramp was gone, but still bleeding of course.

Anyways, i've been bleeding for 2 days now, and it's usually just watery blood - sometimes just a line, sometimes soread around the pad. 

No cramps, and only a few blood clots - some black. But no sign of sac? Well, I havent felt or notice it pass?

I'm praying this is a failed abortion! Is it possible one could survive? Or it could be the floating cell which is leaving my body? 

I take a pregnancy test next saturday and i'm hoping it comes back positive. I made a massive mistake and cant stop crying :(


  • Hi Anna, 

    I'm very sorry you are in such position..don't really know what to say but i didn't want to read and run. I understand you are feeling very emotional right now but give yourself sometime to heal and see things clearly. Don't know how effective is the abortion pill but i would be surprised if it didn't work. 

    Have you contacted your midwife? Maybe she will be able to help you and direct you for some counselling. 

    All the best xx

  • The initial tablet stops your body producing anymore of the pregnancy hormone which at this stage is what's keeping the embryos alive. ( it's not till around 12 weeks that the placenta takes over) and the pessarie tablets u had in vagina cause the uterus to contract and exspell the contents of the womb  which it appears to be doing so if u are bleeding. At this early stage the sacks will be barely visible so probably those clots u mentioned. I am worried u didn't get the correct councilliing before this procedure as if there is any doubt they won't go ahead. Ur partner has kind of bullied u in an emotional blackmail way and that was unfair of him. Sadly there is nothing u can do now unfortunately but learn from this in the sense that should u be faced with this situation again, u won't be swayed into a decision by him. U will feel highly emotional at the moment because of all the the hormones and medication. Whatever happens this will either make u or break u as a relationship  xxx

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