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Chemical pregnancy ... should I tell me partner when he's lost a son at 2 years old?

I had been getting very faint positives this week after missing my period And also not feeling weall. With not knowing what was going on and knowing I still had over 2 weeks to go before being able to see my ob, I went to a clinic today to try to clear things up ... they did find levels of hcg in my urine so I ended up getting an ultrasound and nothing was found ... I was told that I was just as someone else had mentioned , experiencing a chemical pregnancy and shortly after I left the clinic the bleeding started. I am completely shattered myself but now I’m stuck in a VERY hard position of whether to tell my fiancé or not as he has already lost a son at age 2 to leukemia , who’s birthday is next week (he’d be 7) and his death (5 years) coming up shortly after     Would you guys tell him ? Or would you just deal yourself because you wouldnt want to add the extra hurt/stress to an already bad time 😔. ADVISE PLEASE ! 


  • Nope don't tell him. Hes lost a child and this is a hard time for him with the date.  In this situation it's a fertilized egg that's just not stuck and  probably had severe chromazone problems upon cell division.  These happen all the time and normally around time of period just some ladies miss them cos they don't test. It's not worth the added heartache for him in all honesty. It won't have had a fetal pole or heart yet. It was at the cell stage only. The blastocyst stage and during this cell division often it goes wrong and the body just flushes it out. Xxx 

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