Early Miscarriage - how much did you bleed?


I would be 6 weeks pregnant today, but yesterday starting brown spotting which turned to red spotting late on with some very, very small clots. Went for a scan today and there was nothing in my uterus, so the person doing the scan thinks I have had an early miscarriage. 

I was just wondering how much did anyone bleed who has had one - I am not bleeding much and I am not in much pain just mild period pain. 

Thanks x 


  • Hey sorry to hear that. I had one at 11 weeks. I didn’t have any pain at all however all in all bled for around a week with one of the evenings literally pouring to the point where I couldnt get off to loo but I suppose everyone if didferent. If your scan is clear you should be fine now x

  • Hi am wonderkng if any one had any adgice i had a possible miscarrige at 5 weeks prefnant 11dats ago now since then am still getting really strong positive pregnany tests they dont seem to be fading at all, i couldnt have a scan at the te of the miscarrige as i was only 5 weeks how long does it take for the test to start fading 

  • imageThis carnt be normal the lime is as strong as the control an av only just took the test now any advise please 

  • imageOther brand of test i used an still strong 

  • Brookes764 thanks for coming back and so sorry for your loss . I went the clinic last night and they definitely think early miscarriage X 

    Emma24 did you go the drs over your possible miscarriage? If not maybe give them a call ? My tests are very faint now - but a few days ago were strong ...I think I miscarried just over a week ago as I had pain, but only started bleeding on Friday so about a week later . X

  • Sophie91 so sorry for your loss , yes i went to the doctors as i was getting bad cramps for days but i only bled for 3 days and didnt lose loads of clots , doctor said do other test in a weeks time its been 11 days an the test are still really strong no matter what time i take the test, my pain an bleeding came at the same time but people are saying it could of been twins i dunno sometimes am still feeling sickness an tiredness too i think i will be going back to gp this week thanks for your reply x

  • Yes I would definitely go back , some people have bleeding during pregnancy and it could of been an implementation bleed, fingers crossed ! You should now be past 6 weeks so he can send you for an early scan to check everything, if he won't you can go private I paid 70£ X 

  • Thanks for your reply i think am guna ring the early womens unit hospital tomorrow an see if i can get scan as i would be 7 weeks on tuesday it so its shocking what us women have to grow threw isnt it thanks for your replay hun x

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