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Just had a miscarriage and advice on testing afterwards

hi. I recently had a miscarriage on Christmas Day and the nurse did a test on Thursday and it came back negative I was just wondering if I did one my self it now would only come back positive if I was pregnant wouldn’t it ? Xxx


  • Hi, how many dpo are you?

  • Hi& I don’t know because I only stopped bleeding from my miscarriage on Saturday , I did a test and it was negative yesterday so I’m guessing everything’s passed now and I will get a positive next time I’m pregnant if I’m right ? I’m only 20 and it was my first pregnancy so I don’t know much 😳x

  • so sorry for your loss! 

    if you tested negative after your miscarriage that means the hCG levels are back to normal and you won’t test positive until you are pregnant again x

  • Thank you ! X

    aw okay thank you , we are trying for another baby again but I don’t know when my period should be , so Should I just keep testing ? Xx

  • Cleom it also depends on how far you got with the pregnancy. With my miscarriage at 11.5 weeks I was testing positive for another 3 weeks. If it was more like a chemical pregnancy your tests should be already negative and you might ovulate within 2 weeks from when you started bleeding. Good luck xx

  • I was six weeks and I have done a test and it came back negative I just don’t know when my period will be cause we have already started trying again. And okay. Thank you xxx

  • personally I wouldn’t keep testing, could end up being quite costly and obsessive which will cause unnecessary stress and upset. I’d wait until the end of the month before testing again or maybe count Christmas Day as the first day of your last period and use that to work out when your period would due be and test then If still negative and no period I’d test 5-7 days later. I hope this helps.

    Good luck x

  • Okay thank you so much. I will post updates later in the month. Thank you xxx

  • Normally ur  period would be around 4 weeks after the actual miscarriage xxx so even if u bled for example 3 weeks after then u may stop for a week then start again xxx

  • imageimage

    Thank you susiegirlygirl , iv just done to pregnancy test today and there very light what should I do I’ll ad a photo xxxx

  • Just going to post another photo please give me your ops fourth and clear blue one I did today xxxximageimage

  • Awww congratulations- Defo positive. Fingers crossed for you this time.xxxc

  • Feel better now someone else has said it’s definitely and Thank you so much Emj3 xxxxx

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