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Is this a miscarriage ? Without knowing of pregnancy


Just wondering if anyone could help, I started seeing someone about 5 months ago and went on the injection coming up three months ago at the end of January, the other day I found this when I went to the toilet and have been having the worst stomache and back pains ever since. I was just wondering if anyone knew if this is a miscarriage as I have tried to compare to other things and am very unsure about what to do now ? I didn’t suspect that I could have been pregnant from before going on the injection apart from weight I have gained over the past month or so but I thought that was after going on the birth control . I know that taking a pregnancy test now will most probably show through as negative because I just presume that it has been left too long and I really just don’t know what to do. Any advice would be great 


  • Are you still bleeding now ? I would 100% Book an appointment with the doctors as passing that wouldn’t be normal under any circumstances. I would defo try a test as it would sometimes show if more is left over if it was a pregnancy but if you have retained anything you need to see a doctor to ensure everything is gone and there’s no infection. 

    if you get more pain or feel unwell you need to go to A&E. good luck 

  • That looks like an old tampon x wrap it up and take to docs they can hear it xx defo not normal hun xxx

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