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Possible miscarriage

i slept with my partner of a few months after a night out unprotected and weeks later I was in pain cramps in my back and belly started bleeding heavy passing clots and then passed this does it look like a miscarriage i ended up leaving it too long and never got closure would just like some opinions, thank you.image


  • It very well cud be hun had u done a pregnancy test? When did u pass that? X

  • Thank you for replying, it was around may last year, I didn’t do a test as I didn’t really pay enough attention to any symptoms or anything I was in the middle of moving out and had a lot going on me and my partner split and after it all happened I was in too much pain to leave the House, after a few days everything calmed down and I thought it would be too late to go to doctors but now I regret that as I’ll never really know and it’s not a nice feeling at all x

  • I know this is almost a week later but I just wanted to share what I believe it is. It looks Very much like the lining of the uterus. We naturally shed the lining during our menstrual cycle however it often comes away in small pieces. It’s rare but sometimes it can shed in almost one piece which makes it very uncomfortable for us and can sometimes feel like suffere period pains. 

    I hope this helps. 

  • Hi I found out I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks (last week) and was told I may have a threatened miscarriage and tonight this came out so I hope you get the closure you are looking for. 
  • Looks like it is MC Hun sorry xxx
  • Hi, this is what has happened to me this week. How are you now?x
  • Last night I was in serious belly cramps but during the day back pain was no as bad I have no clue wat to do when this came out of me all I cud do is cry but I read all the pervious post and I’m gonna take a pregnancy test Bc I’m scared 
  • I would book an appointment with the doctor and show this. How late was your period? The clots look big to me. Hope you’re
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