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Light bleeding for two weeks. Unsure if miscarriage

Hi, I am new to this so hoping I'm posting in the right place. Last week I took a pregnancy test that was positive, I was so happy but a little shocked as by that point I had been having some light bleeding (dark brown/red with stringy bits but not enough to fill a panty liner, sorry TMI) for just over a week. I went to the first doctor ASAP as I was concerned about miscarriage and the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. On examination she said that my cervix is closed and she noticed there was some old blood but couldn't say where it was coming from. The Doctor said I was probably 7 weeks as she felt that a test wouldn't have been positive if my last period had been a 'real' one (5th Jan). She sent me for an U/S that day. As soon as I turned up the technician was really funny with me, saying 'I don't know why you are here', 'it's too early' and 'I've never seen anything this early'. I thought that was a bit strange but ok. I got the results yesterday and they are inconclusive. They saw something but are unsure what. The radiologist reported that there were two foci within the uterus but they were unsure if it was two gestational sacks or if they were small polyps. They said it was too early so are sending me for another scan friday. Having experience in radiology but not U/s since I was a student I find this confusing. I thought polyps would look very different and what I saw on screen didn't look like polyps in u/s scans online. My doctor has sent me for hcg blood tests, the first was yesterday and the second will be tomorrow. Does anyone know how long these will take to come back? I am going out of my mind with worry. I am still having the same light bleeding, its never bright red or heavy but its definitely there. I am so worried I am miscarrying. Has this happened to anyone else? The wait seems like forever. 


  • Hi gg121. I'm just wondering how did you get on, did your hgc levels come back okay from the doctors? I hoping everything went well 
  • Unfortunately it was a miscarriage. I started bleeding properly on the 31st/1st. However I got pregnant again straight away and am now 17 weeks with a little girl. 
  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Congratulations on this pregnancy :) have you possibly been prescribed any aspirin or anything during this pregnancy?
  • No nothing. Think it was just one of those things. The doctor suggested that my lining may not have built up enough as I’d got pregnant straight after coming off the pill. Or it could have been a chromosomal abnormality as so often happens with early miscarriages. It was my first ever pregnancy so they weren't too concerned.
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