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4.5 weeks after MC, and got a CB digital BFP. Is this possible, and possibly successful?

MC’d at 5 weeks, all natural. Bled for nearly a week. It’s currently been 4.5 weeks since the MC. No AF, and lots of BD since MC. After symptoms of frequent urination and heighten emmotions, which were the very early first symptoms in previous pregnancy, I took a CB digital HPT, and it was a BFP. Is this even possible to be pregnant again this early without an AF? Any success stories? Not telling DH yet this time around 


  • This is my first & second pregnancy. First post. My mother died when I was young. Have no one to turn to. Any advice / words will be cherished. 

  • Sorry to hear about your loss. I didn't want to read and not write. Just had miscarriage myself. But I was told by my doctor that I'm extremely fertile now due to the hormones after a miscarriage to becareful if I didn't want to get pregnant straight away and said if I did wait for first period. But yes it is possible to get pregnant without a period. Have you had negative test since miscarriage??? Is the cb digital the weeks indicator one?? X

  • Hi ladies.. nearly 2 years ago I had a miscarriage was my 2nd pregnancy and 1st miscarriage, it wasnt at all planned and was abit of a surprise but made me realise I was ready for another. I bled for about 3/4 days with no pain. Scans confirmed everything had passed. I didn't start the pill again and a month later found out in was pregnant with a very faint test strip. I no have a healthy 14month old. I'm guessing by the date u may now no for sure if you was / wasnt. Hope it was a BFP x
  • Hi i had a miss miscarriage last year. I got pregnant straight away without a period shes now 7 months. Did you get a negative pregnancy test before you got this positive xx
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