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Uncertain viability

Hi all

I've just had a scan and the outcome was that my pregnancy is of uncertain viability. I'm trying to gauge the likelihood of this changing when I go back for my scan to two weeks. The team were very good and have given me lots of information but wouldn't talk about probabilities. 

I had dated my pregnancy at about 10 weeks and have had positive pregnancy tests for the last 5 weeks, although they have been taking about 30 seconds to come through (when I was pregnant with my little girl they'd show a positive result almost immediately).

I had a  fresh bleed last week that although was quite heavy, it didn't last and wasn't painful.

In the scan this morning they say the sac is only 5-6 weeks, they can see there's been a bleed and they can't see a heartbeat. I've to go back in two weeks to see if the pregnancy has progressed unless I miscarry before then. 

I know all is possible but my feelings are it's unlikely this is going to have a good outcome and so just want that confirming as valid, or actually is there a reasonable chance I'm wrong. It won't affect my behaviours - this one will still get the best chance possible  but I'd like to know. My womb, tummy and boobs are swollen and I'm tired. Two weeks feels like a long time to not know.


  • hello, i didn't want to read and run. Sorry you are going through this. I'm really sorry to say i think the odds are against you on this one. I know you must feel like you need a 'confirmation' from the hospital about what's what, but i suspect already you know where this is heading. 
    I really hope i'm wrong and that at your next scan they pick up a heart beat, but as hard as it is, try and get yourself in the headspace for a loss. If you were 9 or even 10 weeks pregnant, ore should have been seen on the scan - not sure why you are having to wait 2 more weeks - such a long time to leave you hanging. 

  • Thank you for your reply. I think you're right.

    They need to wait 10-14 days in order to see there's been a clear development or not. 

    I'll expect the worst but just keep my fingers crossed x
  • I know it's awful - been through 2 losses myself, but i do have kids now. 
    I have everything crossed for you x
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