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3 positive pregnancy tests and then 2 negatives the day after?!

Hi guys, im new to this and after a little advice. Saturday i took a pregnancy test as i was a couple of days late, i got a really faint second line. I decided to leave it a couple of days to do another test so yesterday i did another and got a faint yet solid second line , i then proceeded to do a clear blue digital which told me i was 1-2 weeks pregnant brilliant ay well it would be until i did another this morning and it came up not pregnant 😣 i have had some brown stringy discharge (apoligies for the tmi) do you think this could mean ive had an early miscarriage? Im extremely confused and don't really know what to believe i cant get to the doctors until next Tuesday due to work commitments so any info would be greatly appreciated x 


  • Hi, unfortunately based on my experience, it could mean that the pregnancy is no more as your hcg is declining and not increasing (assuming that the clear blue digital is not faulty). To be double sure, perhaps test with another reliable brand if you can. Keeping my fingers crossed for you
  • I was affraid that might be the case. I did another first response test this morning and got a faint second line but not sure if thats just traces of the hcg left from the pregnancy. I guess i will just have to wait for the doctor to confirm.As much as my fingers are crossed i am expecting the worst. Thank you for your reply x 
  • hey how did u get on lovey hope all ok xx
  • It wasn't good news 😣 unfortunately i had a chemical pregnancy xx
  • aww sorry for that babs i had chemical got caught straight after dint even get to af month and was pregnant again it says in a good way after chemical u know u can concieve which is good and ur at higher chance to concieve again quickly xd
  • That makes me feel a little better.  Have been quite down about it but i guess the small blessing is that it was so early on x thanks for the reassurance xx 
  • aw thats ok hun thats what u got to think like i was gutted but u know ur caperble of getting caught i tried right away soon as bleed stopped and honestly it helps u overlate after chemical and u can get caught again so u got real goid chance to be pregnant again by next month here if u need anything ok xx
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