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3 recurrent miscarriages now pregant



  • Fingers crossed for you @Pembroke
    You can PM me anytime if you need a talk x
  • @Pembroke fingers crossed all will be ok.  I think it will be fine, do another test in the morning and see what that is like, at least then you will have more of an idea.
  • Hi ladies 

    I am posting for some help / advice too!  New to this forum, I’ve got. 16 year old and since had 2 miscarriages, TTC over a year now and took two tests this morning both faint positives..I would be 4 weeks 5 days too! I’m praying!! 

    Thinking of you @Pembroke! X 
  • Both test looks positive and strong positive. So I would say everything is fine
  • @Long35 You can't argue with that, a line is a line, congrats!!  Hopefully everything will be ok this time.
  • Thanks ladies :) I really hope so as I’m 37 end of this year so time is running out and I have always wanted just one more! 🙏 Going to test again Friday to be sure 
  • Good luck, keep us posted!
  • Back to the drawing board ladies! I didn’t go to the walk in clinic this afternoon as I’ve been having period cramps today and have just come on heavily. I ‘knew’ it was coming. Sounds crazy but after 5 pregnancies I’m able to listen to my body. Beyond gutted about it. Figured I’m now going to get some tests done and try and figure out if we can have our second baby. So grateful for the little man that we do have. 😍 It is so hard to keep getting this disappointed. I’m 37 this year, who knows... 
  • So sorry @Pembroke. Fingers crossed they will do tests and will find out why x stay strong
  • Really sorry @Pembroke. It’s totally gutting when this happens. Don’t give up hope- I’ve just turned 38 and I’m nearly 27 weeks pregnant now and other ladies on here have had another baby in the their 40s so at 36- you’ll be fine!!!
    I know how disappointing it
  • Hi Ladies, just came across this thread and wanted to add my story too (incase it helps anyone at all stay positive!) 

    Im currently 29 years old and will be 13 weeks tomorrow! I never imaged I’d even get to the 12 week mark and hear my babies heartbeat.

    In October ‘16 I had miscarriage #1 at 6 weeks, closely followed by #2 in December ‘16. This time it was just over 5 weeks. After having a break over Xmas I got pregnant again in March and unfortunately had #3 in April ‘17; again at 6 weeks. This time it was a suspected ectopic as I had slow rising HCG, but it turned out to be a PUL. 

    At this point I wanted to take a break and was referred to hospital for tests. I had a blood test for APS and all came back clear. I was told it was just a case of ‘bad-luck’.

    In Dec ‘17 I had #4. This is when I really began to feel down... I’d had a nearly a 8 month break and it didn’t make sense how it could be bad-luck! 

    In Oct ‘18 I had #5. I went back to my doctor for further tests and got my referral letter through for 30th March 2019.

    In March this year I got my BFP and yesterday I listened to babies heartbeat 💗 

    my tests never ever found anything wrong with me; I’d tried vitamin after vitamin to try to make a baby stick. I can’t really say anything worked... so maybe it was bad-luck. Always keep trying xx 
  • Congratulations @Lpop! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. You’ve definitely been through it. Losing a baby is horrendous. I do think positive stories help- they helped me at 
  • Congratulations @Lpop you have certainly been through an ordeal and hearing your story is really reassuring. Did you have any different treatment this time around? I’ve made an appointment to see Dr Hassan Shehata in a months time. Fingers crossed we get an outcome like yours! It’s so good to talk to others who have been through similar, thanks again for sharing xx
  • Also thanks @EmJ3 for your reassurances. 👍 Theres def been a bit of ‘why me’ today but also refocusing on what I am thankful  for. It’s just hard when you have these days... xx 
  • Congratulations @Lpop, lovely news! I was exactly the same as you, never found anything to be the cause. The only this I did differently was take a baby asprain, even though I had my blood checked fir Hughes syndrome and that was negative, I'd read it can help implantation and I. 24 weeks now. Thay prescribe it dmfor some people when trying but I just took it anyway and I'm sure that ayed a part. Good luck everyone! 
  • Warning crazy post coming ⚠️ 
    so bleedings stopped. I took a cbd this morning and got this result. I would have been 5 weeks today which tally’s with the test. Still no signs of pregnancy, only the cramping which usually suggests mc
  • @Pembroke have you had anything confirmed yet or been to the early pregnancy unit? I have a 16 year old & had 2 miscarriages over the years, my dates I think I’m 5 weeks today, going to take a Clear Blue digital tomorrow and book an early scan as both my miscarriages were the same as heartbeat from 6 weeks 😔 I’ve only had sore boobies here & there, nothing else. It’s so hard isn’t it when you want something so much! I hope it works out for you xx 
  • @Pembroke- that is a little crazy. Some women do bleed in pregnancy though. Book in with your epu for a scan in a week or so. I really hope this works out for 
  • I didn’t get real symptoms till about 6-7 weeks with this baby apart from sore boobs- but not constantly! Think it was closer to 7 weeks and then the symptoms kicked in! Tiredness, off drinking tea and different foods, nausea and dizziness etc. Fingers crossed for you
  • @EmJ3 I can’t remember having any symptoms at all prior to the miscarriages so I’m hoping the sore boobies here & there are a good sign! 🙏 I’m booking an early scan and paying privately at mothercare for when I’m just over 7 weeks, I can’t wait until my 12 week scan it will drive me mad xx 
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