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3 recurrent miscarriages now pregant



  • @Pembroke wow!!!! I know loads of girls who been bleeding during first trimester.
    About symptoms-i never had any pregnancy symptoms at symptoms doesn't mean something going wrong.
  • All really good signs. I think it’s more of a concern if you have strong symptoms for a few weeks and then they vanish. And like @Sigsauer, some women are lucky enough to have no symptoms at
  • That’s the thing @EmJ3 I did have strong symptoms for a week and then they dropped off which is why I was concerned and took a test which was then much fainter. Then the bleeding started. I don’t know what’s going on but I will have a private scan next week if no more bleeding. 
    Thanks for all the support ladies, I will of course keep you posted. Thinking of you all. This is so tough xxx 
  • Wow @Pembroke, that all sounds very promising! I bled with this pregnancy at around 5 weeks, nothing major but lasted about 24 hours. Just dod tests after it stopped and all was fine! When I had my early scan at 6 weeks they checked for any bleeding around the baby and all was clear! I also had slight pains but I think that really common in early pregnancy anyway?! This all sounds promising, keep us updated! 
  • Fingers crossed for you @Pembroke
  • How did you go with your clear blue digital @Long35
    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • How are you feeling today @Pembroke?
  • @Pembroke how are you today? I did the digital this morning and it came up 2-3 weeks which means I’m 4-5 weeks, I’d worked out I was 5 weeks yesterday so just hoping I was a little bit wrong with my dates. Still only slight breast tenderness now and again but nothing major and no other signs! Appetite has reduced a little but I’m putting that down to worry, anxiety and stress! Are you doing anymore tests? 
    I’m going to do one next week and see what it says, I’ve paid for a private early scan Sunday 9th June xx 
  • Oh that’s good news! A positive result for you. Feels so long to wait until the scan doesn’t it? I’m having an nhs at 6 and private scan at 7 if I make it that far. Still not holding out much hope because of lack of symptoms (I know it can be diff each pregnancy but it’s only happened before when I’ve miscarried). And my past history. But I’ve never wanted to be proven wrong More. No more bleeding and no real cramps other than back twinges. My appetite had decreased too and I’m sure it’s stress. Xx
  • @Pembroke @NCairns84 sorry ladies for the late reply! 

    @NCairns84 I did the same as you! Even though my blood test was negative for Hughes, the 6th time I got pregnant (this time!!) I took baby aspirin from the day I found out I was pregnant, until around 7 weeks.

    although if I’m honest, I don’t think it was the aspirin. I managed to get a BFP at 10dpo this time around so implanted really early. All the times I’d had a miscarriage I’d only ever got a positive the day of, or after I’d missed my period. 
  • @Lpop exactly the same for me too! Then they just went negative. I was talijg the asparain the whole time from trying. I was under the miscarriage clinic at the time and when I told them I'd been taking it she said to carry on till 12 weeks just incase so I'm assuming there must be some link, although I think it was more of a coincidence for me but well never know. How far are you now? I have a c section booked 9th Sept, not had one before so dont really know what to expect 😭
  • @Pembroke Two weeks until my early scan and yes it feels like forever away! Every little twinge is worrying me. My appetite has decreased too, I’m sure it’s stress / worry too. No more bleeding or cramps is good! It may have been implantation..? I’m going to do the second digital test next week and see if goes to 3wks + When is your first scan? Xx 
  • My mental health is in pieces in this pregnancy,my anxiety is over the top,even now when I am 34 weeks...just if you feel you need a help ask MW or GP to refer you to Mental health clinic...of if you want you can PM me and have a chat.... sometimes people who been through this are better help then specialist. Also I am doing doula course now and can give that so much needed support x
  • Thanks Sigsauer, I am so pleased I found this thread and ladies I can share this with.
    I wanted to give an update as I had my seven week scan yesterday and I have a healthy bean with a heartbeat of 135 ❤️. I am not ashamed to say I burst into tears when I saw bean on the screen! I’ve had pregnancy symptoms for over a week now. Still along way to go but now feeling really happy & positive.
    Hope everyone else is doing well. Keep us posted. xx
  • That is such great news.  Congratulations!!
  • What a great news @Pembroke so happy for you x
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