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No definitive placenta sac at week 7


I should be 7 weeks pregnant now based on my last menstrual period by now.

I had some spotting on week 6 day 5 so I went to see the gynae and did an intra-vaginal ultrasound scan and blood tests to first try and confirm pregnancy. The gynae said that there was no definitive placenta sac found, however, the hcg results came back to be 2634 iu/L which should in fact mean that the placenta sac should be seen. I went back to see my gynae the next day again for a repeat ultrasound scan to rule out ectopic pregnancy (i did two scans, one by the gynae and one by a sonographer to confirm). Results found everything normal, but still no sight of the placenta sac. All which was found was a echogenic structure with a 3mm cystic space within the endometrial cavity. This was equivocal of a placenta sac (not definite).

2 days later, at week 7, I had another blood test which came back to be 3971 iu/L (only 50% increase from the previous blood test 2 days ago). The gynae did an intra-vaginal ultrasound scan again and saw that the cystic space grew by 1mm but still does not look like a definitive gestational sac, there was also another blood clot looking thing beside the cystic space. She said wait and see again 2 days later. She said looking at the blood tests and ultrasounds, it doesn't seem like the pregnancy is going normal. A decision would have to be made 2 days later (at 7 weeks and 2 days) after another tound of blood test and ultrasound scan. What shld I do? I am very anxious and worried. I'm already thinking of termination of pregnancy at this point in time to prepare myself. I have been having small amounts of brown discharge and one day of (almost bright red) bleeding in small (about 5mm in diameter) amount. No cramps or tummy aches at all. 

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