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Anyone else had scan early pregnancy and told sac too low in uterus. Threatened miscarriage?? Any positive stories???


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  • 5 weeks pregnant scan showing sac TOO LOW in uterus. 
  • Have they checking HCG levels?
  • Noooo they wont do anything. Rang my GP he said they dont do HCG levels unless its ectopic or if after 3rd miscarriage. Useless. Just have to wait till 28th for another internal scan... All they said if i bleed then to go in...
  • That is ridiculous!!! They must check levels.... otherwise they just keeping you at the edge all the time....
  • Hey all. I had a scan yesterday as i said. Unfortunately its not good nows. SAC was very low by this time, touching my cervix and they said miscarriage is inevitable. This is my 2nd miscarriage in a row. Devastated.
    Have to go back in on thursday for medical management miscarriage... 
    Hope everyones pregnancys stick and all the  best xxx
  • Oh I’m so sorry to read this :( I really hope you’re ok. How are you feeling? I had my second miscarriage on Monday, it’s such a lonely place. 
  • @smithL35 hey im so sorry about your loss. Yes this is my second miscarriage also. I am going in tomorrow so hopefully not too painful.
    1st one i carried till 12 weeks but little bean only measured 8 weeks 3 days and no heartbeat.
    This time i am currently 10 weeks but as it is very close to the cervix they couldnt measure for me but said miscarriage is inevitable... basically little bean is dead but my body wont miscarry.
    Such a hard and lonely time... i can defo understand what u r going through. I really pray ur next one sticks and is a healthy pregnancy... i am going to wait for my next cycle and hopefully try again..
    The nurses/doctors/midwife keep telling me its 'normal' and they wont test me till after 3. I dont have any kids and am 34 years old. Really worried.
    Please pray for me. I pray for even 1 healthy baby. I would be really grateful. Xxx
  • Oh definitely lovely, will be praying for you and that tomorrow comes and goes ok. I am 35 and it’s very hard not to feel like I’m just getting too old. Although so many people are older and have healthy pregnancies. 

    Do you find it hard not to feel that it’s unfair sometimes that people can have lots of children, I also would be so happy to have just one. 

    Let us know you’re ok after tomorrow if done. So sorry you’ve got to go through that. Stay strong xxx
  • Sending prayers your way too @SmithL35. And please let me know how u progress in ur future pregnancies. Which i hope u do get a healthy successful pregnancy next time...
  • Thank you 💖
  • I know this is OLD POST but @Smith123 was hoping u had some good news??? Nearly been 6months since i posted on here. Xxx
  • Hi @SUM308 Is that the right Smith???xxx
  • Oops. @EmJ3 it isnt!!! @SmithL35 @SmithL35
  • Thanks @EmJ3
  • @SmithL35 hope ur still on here and have some good news xxx
  • Hello @SUM308 sadly no exciting news.....had blood tests a few weeks ago that came back normal so I have asked to be referred as I’m now 36. 

    Am using ovulation sticks and started taking bbt last month. 

    How are you getting on? Xx
  • So nice to hear back from u. I wish u all the best of luck... I am turning 35 in less than 2 weeks. I am still trying. Hopefully we both have really good news very soon. Fingers crossed for u my love. I pray for u xxx 🙏🙏🙏
  • @SmithL35 make sure u get referred to gynaecologist asap. They did my bloods only to check if i have APS (anti phospholipid syndrome) but it came back negative thankfully but they didnt do any further testing as i am not over 35 yet and also it hasnt been a year since my miscarriage. Thats what ive been told. But u stick to your guns and insist on referrals and gynaecology. But i pray u get some magic dust sent to u and are pregnant before all this testing xxxx
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