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Recurrent miscarriages and taking aspirin and progesterone

Hi, I'm just looking for abit of advice and wondering if anyone has had any success with taking aspirin and progesterone after previous recurrent miscarriages? Over the past couple of years I have had 3 miscarriages quite earlier on, last year I had test done indicating I have a blood clotting issue. So I was advised in my next pregnancy to start taking aspirin along with folic acid and vitamin d.

A couple of days ago I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant and instantly started taking the medication as advised and yesterday was prescribed progesterone, so I had my first tablet last night. But later on the same night of getting a positive test, I did start spotting which was a very slight pinky colour and then brown which has been on and off since. Two nights ago I did lose a little bit of pinky/red colour blood. But since then it's only been brown. These episodes are only when I'm going to the toilet and wiping, so I'm not actually soaking any pads.

I'm just wondering has anyone else taken aspirin and possibly had any spotting/bleeding afterwards? And the pregnancy has been okay? I have googled it and it does say it can be a reaction from the aspirin 😕 But I'm going out of my mind worrying and automatically assuming the worst is about to happen, I'm trying my best to stay positive 🤞
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