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Got my BFP but now period like bleeding

I got an unexpected BFP I only tested because of some upcoming dental work and I was just easing my mind. They are all very positive. I started spotting hot nervous ran out and got a test still very positive. That spotting turned into period like bleeding 5 days earlier than my normal expected period. I didnt even get excited when I had the BFP because I felt it was too good to be true I didnt want to get excited and this is why. I have an appoint Tuesday (it's now Sunday) I'm hoping I'm just one of those cases where i am pregnant and I continue a healthy pregnancy but I am pretty sure it was a chemical pregnancy and I'm devestaed. Trying to hold on to some hope but it's really really hard. 
Anyone been thru this? 


  • Hope everything works out for you hun.  Think I'm going through same although my tests were just faint positives for few days then nothing else 4 days later I started spotting then af came but in lot of pain .I'm off to doctors Wednesday to see wats gone on xx 
  • Hiya hun hope everything is ok for u both  and the bleeding is just implementation bleeding , I have been experiencing bleeding myself which is like a light period but had a scan and they told me it was all ok , I have another scan on the 24th so fingers crossed for us all xxx
  • I wish that were the case... 
    I'm bleeding like a heavy period I'm pretty sure I had a chemical pregnancy. Thank you for the response I hope you are right but I'm trying to be realistic yet i am hopeful. Congrats!
  • Thanks Hun and ah ok well if that's the case I'm sorry to here that hope your ok , don't lose hope until it's been confirmed Hun  🙂 Xx
  • Hi, 

    so so sorry to read this. I have had 2 chemical pregnancies, the second was just three weeks ago. 
    Basically I had positive tests, including 3 clear blue digital tests and at just over 5 weeks one day started bleeding and by that evening the tests said negative. I bled a lot and had a big clot (sorry that’s tmi).

    I’ve read about it on here and it would seem that some people can bleed and everything be fine, but if you pass any clots that probably means it’s gone :( if that’s the case you will feel so devastated. But please stay strong....lots of people have them and then gone on to have healthy babies x
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