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Can anyone tell me what this is ?...SORRY ABOUT THE PICTURES I JUST REALLY NEED TO KNOW

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hello my name is Charlita and I’m 19 years old . I had sex with my boyfriend (unprotected) .. a couple weeks after I had started to feel bad ( like I had to throw up , I urinated frequently, lost my breath doing normal things , headaches , weight gain and more )  I took a test and the line was very faint .  i was sitting in class one day and I felt a sharp pain in my back and lower abdomen and I also started to bleed out of nowhere.. the pain was so bad . I rushed to the to the bathroom and the blood had just kept coming until finally I passed something that looked like this ( the pictures) ... can anyone tell me what this is .. did I have miscarriage or 😕 does it look like something else 


  • I’m truly apologize for the pictures but I need answers and it would be very helpful to hear what you guys think 
  • Hi, unfortunately that does look like a miscarriage to me, although normally there would be bleeding over several days. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Sometimes you can still get a positive reading after you start bleeding as your hormones will still be raised. It would probably be worth seeing a doctor to confirm and make sure you're ok.
  • The pain during this was so unbearable... and I bled kind of heavy for about 3 or 4 days . I had taken a pregnancy test and the line was a bit faint 
  • definitely looks and sounds like a MC
  • Thank you so much 😕❤️
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