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HELP!! Ectopic/HCG levels advice

im hoping someone has some experience here they can share with me.
ive recently had surgery to remove a suspected ectopic pregnancy - turned out it was actually somewhere near my ovary so it was “sucked out” with the blood that had filled my stomach. It was quite serious stuff and apparently a rare case, so much so, the surgeon wants to write a report on it to share with other doctors. 

My HCG levels had gone from 6,000 on day of surgery to 2,400 the next day.

A week later they were 380 - so going in the right direction.
Somewhat very stupidly - I was completely under the impression I would NOT ovulate as my body still had HCG in my system so we had sex twice, unprotected. Thinking (again clearly naively) I wouldn’t be back to normal yet.

Went for my second lot of blood work another week later and it’s gone back UP to 800 something. 
So now we don’t know if there’s an issue or a new pregnancy starting. 
I mean - I’m nearly 30, I have a beautiful daughter, I feel stupid. Embarrassed too. 

I just dont don’t know what to think. I’m hoping someone out there has got some experience they can PLEASE share with me. 
This was my second ectopic so I’m just praying I’ve not caused an unnecessary issue and that IF I were pregnant again, that it would just make it’s way to the right place!! 

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