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Missed miscarriage??

I was going in for my dating ultrasound, so excited to see my baby, only, they could only find the fetal pole and the sac. I was devastated. That day I had 3 regular ultrasounds and one internal. On the internal, they could see baby, but it was only measuring 6 weeks, and no cardiac movement. A week later, I had another ultrasound and an internal. It’s been 5 days since my 2nd round of ultrasounds but my obgyn has not called me, nor has returned my calls. I have no idea if I’m still pregnant, if my baby is viable. I still have morning sickness, food aversions, cravings, extreme exhaustion, and all those fun pregnancy symptoms, but I don’t have a baby?? I should be twelve weeks today. Is it possible I’ve had a missed miscarriage and my body just doesn’t know it yet after 6 weeks(there’s been no cramping, no bleeding)? If the ultrasound was correct than I’ve been carrying my dead child longer than when it was alive....I’m extremely frustrated with my OBGYN and have so many questions and nobody seems to have any answers.....anybody have any experiences similar or any explanations for me?


  • hiya,

    i would have been 13+1 when my MC happened after finding out at 11+1 that the pregnancy was no longer viable and would have stopped growing around 6 weeks, so it may just be delayed like mine was x
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