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hi, I am new to this so please excuse the long post ahead.

i currently have no children and me and my partner have been trying to a while unfortunately we have had 5 miscarriages in the space of 2 years and currently going through our 6th! I have been tested for everything and docs believe just bad luck. 

Anyway... every miscarriage I have had has been the same but this one has been very very different and I almost feel like I’m loosing my mind and need a little advise from anyone who may have experienced the same and what they did ?

so I thought I was 9 weeks and started bleeding I was told to come in on the Thursday and get a scan which has shown no baby or sac so bloods were taken and they asked me to come back in 48 hours later, the bloods that afternoon came back that my hcg level had risen and that I was to go back in to see the doctor they checked my cervix etc and nothing seemed wrong I had no pain just bleeding anyway the doctor done a scan that night and there it was a little tiny shrimp with a heartbeat however they said it was 5-6 weeks so I obviously got my dates wrong.. I was told to make a midwife appointment  and they said they were happy for me to go home.. a few days later I had slight pain inside my vagina and passed a small clot so went back in for a scan the following day in which no baby was found again so bloods were repeated AGAIN. Now at this point I expected it to be a miscarriage but when the nurse phoned she has said that my hormone had risen again and was to go in right away however doctor just said may have passed it already and wasn’t that great she pretty much told me information I could have been told at home. 

So so after the rollercoaster of a week it’s not 1 week after that last appointment and my symptoms still feel very strong and with other miscarriages I had before symptoms disappeared almost immediately hence how I knew why I had definitely lost the baby. I now have started bleeding again after a full week of no blood at all. I took a test yesterday also and it’s a very strong positive test. The nurse told me to wait 3 weeks and retake the test to confirm hcg level going down but something in my gut is telling me that this is not over yet or that something else is wrong... I know that a post this huge probably has no chance of being answered but I am not getting any help from doctors and I feel like I can’t move on with my life and it’s affecting my relationship and social life, I want a family so much but this is really having a huge effect on me mentally! I know people will also think that there is nothing on scan so it’s obvious but they made a mistake once already so in my head I just feel it could’ve happened again. Please if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it so much! 


  • Please excuse the spelling 
  • Hello, 
    I didn’t want to just read and not reply. I don’t really know what to suggest....I have had 2 early losses but both were quick and obvious as I passed tissue and then had negative tests. I really wouldn’t know but it sounds like it’s worth speaking to the dr again, maybe they could check your bloods again and see how your levels are now? If they have risen again then maybe it’s hanging on in there?

    i know this really won’t help but wanted you to feel like you’re not alone x
  • Hard times for you Hun. I would suggest go to scan in different place just to recheck... Obviously if your HCG rising there is still something. How do you feel physically? Do you have risen temperature? 
  • I hope you’re ok. You have had a rollercoaster journey over the last few years. I too think you need to go for another scan and get your bloods done again. It’s important that you know exactly what’s going on, so that you can move forward. Wishing you lots of
  • Thank you so much for the replies, I have phoned the early pregnancy unit and they are going to talk to the doctor and call back. I do think that maybe phoning another hospital for a second opinion might be the best thing, just don’t want people to think I’m mad, if the mistake had not have been made once already I don’t think my head would be like this! I will post whatever happens! Thanks again x
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