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Multiple positive then negative tests but no period CD 45

Is it possible to have a chemical pregnancy and no bleeding? I had multiple positive tests. Tested a week later and negative. But now on day 44 and no bleeding...


  • I know this is old. But I’m kinda in the same boat, just wondering what ended up happening?
  • If anybody reads this, I know it's an old thread, but yes this can actually happen. Had lots of positives, testing positive for 2 weeks. CB digi and everything. Stopped testing and continued on as pregnant. Scan showed 4 weeks later an empty uterus and the next day, my period came... listed as a chemical miscarriage apparently as they cant identify a fetus but they could identify prior positive (and rising) pregnancy, they just don't know when i stopped being pregnant as I didn't bleed until the next period was almost a week past when it would normally have come in a regular cycle! Had I of continued testing, I probably would have caught the test lines fading and know, but I did not and it was a massive effing shock on a scan to find nothing in there when should have been 7+ weeks!
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