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TTC 4 years after ectopic

hello to anyone who may read this. 
I just wanted to share my story/get things off my chest really. This happened four years ago so my memory might not be exact. Sorry for the long post.. 

To give a bit of background.. I had a 5 year relationship and was having unprotected sex most of the time and never conceived during that relationship. We broke up and he got another woman pregnant straight away so I guessed there was an issue with my own fertility. 

Anyway i moved on and eventually three years later I found my current partner and I still wasn’t on any birth control other than using condoms (this was hit and miss). Three weeks after meeting my partner I was due to go on holiday with my friend and my period was due during this time so I took the period delay medication. I stopped taking it the day after I come home from holiday. 

I started bleeding a couple of days later I think it was and I assumed this was my period. Three weeks later I was still bleeding (I had no pains)so it occurred to me I should do a PT in case I was pregnant and miscarrying. I had a BFP test. I got sent straight to early pregnancy clinic for a vaginal scan which didn’t show anything (this was after numerous BFP tests). I was diagnosed with pregnancy in unknown location and had my bloods monitored over the course of a few days. My HCG levels were rapidly increasing and I still didn’t have any pain which is usually associated with Ectopic pregnancy. The hospital decided they needed to operate on me as they still couldn’t locate the pregnancy. Turns out I had an Ectopic pregnancy in my left Fallopian tube and that the tube had already erupted and I was bleeding internally (how I never had any pain I’ll never know). My left tube was removed. 

A couple of months after surgery we were back to having unprotected sex and although we didn’t say the words out loud together we both knew we were trying for another baby. This went on for a year (no tracking or anything - just sex very regularly) but sadly we didn’t conceive. I went to Docs and explained this and I had blood tests to confirm I was ovulating and also had an internal ultrasound scan to confirm everything was ok which it was. Anyway around this time I think I became depressed and I put on even more weight so the sex subsided considerably. 

This year I’ve lost 3.5 stone and feel really great so we have once again started TTC. According to my FLO app we had sex the day before I ovulated. Today is the day AF is due and last night I had cramps as well as this morning. I had a very slight red spotting this morning and I assumed this is AF but then there was nothing all day and again tonight there was slight red spotting again and I have cramps. I’m sure it’s just AF about to turn up but I wish it was a sign of early pregnancy. 

If you got this far thanks for reading haha, would love to hear from anyone who is TTC after having an Ectopic. 
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