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Missed misscarriage

Hello everyone
this is my first time posting ever , I never had the reason to post, but I’m recently going out of my mind
Three weeks ago I found out that my baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks pregnant, but the pregnancy sac has been growing till 8 weeks. I should now be 10 weeks pregnant, which means the baby had died around four weeks ago . I still haven’t misscarried and I’m starting to regret that I chose the option to wait for it to happen naturally . Has anyone ever experienced something like that ? When will my hcg levels drop so that my body finally realises the pregnancy loss ? How long does it take for the misscarriage to take place after diagnosed with missed misscarriage ?
also I’m going out of my mind as from a few days I have a strong ammonia smell discharge and it’s dark yellow , and I’m beginning to panick if I’m starting to have some infection due to the baby being there for so long ?? 
Sorry for being so straight forward, like I said it’s the first time ever I’m posting something like this so I hope you all understand my concerns. Thank you for any answers! 


  • What has the doctor or midwife said? Surely you can only leave it a certain amount of time. I would let them intervene now- you don’t want to get ill. Personally, I’d want it over. I lost my baby at 20/21 weeks last year and then at 11 weeks- a missed miscarriage like you. 

    I’m now 36 weeks pregnant with a little girl so don’t be disheartened but do what is best for you.
  • I had a mmc last year at about 5 weeks, we found out at a private scan at 10 weeks it then took about another 2 weeks for me to actually have the miscarriage. I didnt have any discharge like you are explaining though.
    We waited for 1 cycle before trying again and got pregnant straight away (after ttc for 4 years with no success including IUI attempts) with a successful outcome!
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    Emj3 thank you for your answer
    when I went there last Week she said I can have another two weeks of waiting . She assured me I won’t get infected as the pregnancy sac keeps it all together .but I’m still concerned. . It’s weird for me as my first pregnancy was perfect with my daughter (she’s  now 4 years old ) and we wanted another baby, when I found out I didn’t suspect anything as didn’t have any signs of  miss carriage like bleeding etc , I still have pregnancy symptoms which is very weird for me as well . No bleeding just some mild cramps from few days time but nothing major.. Did you wait for your misscarriage to happen for a long time as well? 
  • MrsD90 I had my first pregnancy  4 years ago which was perfect for a 4 year old daughter now , we wanted another baby and got pregnant straight away , went for a scan because of pain in the abdomen and got told the baby died at 6 weeks . I should be 10 weeks now . So I hope the misscarriage will happen soon :( 
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